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Climate implications of policy assessment guide

Publication date:  November 2019
Publication reference number:  ME 1474

This guide supports agencies to meet the Climate Implications of Policy Assessment (CIPA) requirement, details of which can be found in section 1.2.

This guide provides information on:
•         understanding the CIPA process
•         carrying out greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) analysis
•         using the CIPA Excel tool that helps quantify the emissions impacts of your policy 
•         answers to common questions.

Tools and forms

CIPA Excel tool [excel, 295 KB]
The Excel spreadsheet is a simple calculator to help agencies estimate the emission impacts from their policies. You need to input the activity data from your policy and the tool will apply the correct emissions factor to give you an estimate of emissions in kilograms.  

CIPA early engagement form [word, 19 KB]
Agencies should complete the early engagement form for all policies that will go to Cabinet Environment, Energy and Climate Committee or the Economic Development Committee. The early engagement form helps identify if your policy is likely to be subject to the requirement by determining where your policy may have greenhouse gas emission impacts in one or more the sectors identified by the New Zealand Greenhouse Gas Inventory. This form should be sent to the Ministry for the Environment at  

CIPA disclosure sheet [word, 18 KB]
The completed CIPA disclosure sheet should be attached to the relevant cabinet paper for discussion at Cabinet. If the CIPA requirements are not met, or the disclosure sheet is not attached where the CIPA requirements apply, the responsible Minister and the Minister for Climate Change will jointly determine when a CIPA will be provided to Cabinet.