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Our mission is environmental stewardship for a prosperous New Zealand – tiakina te taiao kia tōnui a Aotearoa. Find out more about our role and who we work with on environmental issues.


The National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2014 (NPS-FM) is about recognising the national significance of fresh water and Te Mana o te Wai (the mana of the water). 

The video on this page shows how the NPS-FM could be implemented in each region and is for anyone interested in freshwater management. 

The Government has announced the creation of a new ocean sanctuary in the Kermadec region of the South Pacific Ocean.

Find out more about the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary on this website.

Read the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary information booklet.

In August we published a list of topics that the Government intends to address nationally using one of the RMA legislative tools. 

More information is now available on the priority topics for national direction.

Read the information leaflet: A way forward for national direction.

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