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Updated health and air pollution in New Zealand study 2012 - Summary report

Publication date:  August 2020
Publication reference number:  CR 440

This report summarises the updated (2012) Health and Air Pollution in New Zealand (HAPINZ) study which evaluates the effects of air pollution on human health across New Zealand and the resulting social costs.

The authors of the study (Kuschel al) estimated anthropogenic air pollution in New Zealand was responsible for approximately 1175 premature deaths per year and social costs of $4.28 billion per year.

See related links below for links to the technical report, users' guide to the health effects model, and the 2007 HAPINZ study. See also the Christchurch pilot study from 2005: Health and air pollution in New Zealand: Christchurch pilot study (2005) [PDF 7.27 MB]