Reducing waste: A more effective landfill levy

Sorting of waste for recycling

New Zealand has a waste problem. We are disposing more and more waste into landfill.

The landfill levy is one of the most effective tools we have to help us change. The Government proposed increasing the levy and applying it to more landfill types. 

The consultation closed on 3 February 2020.

The Government has confirmed its plan

The Government has confirmed its plans to increase and expand the waste levy to divert material from landfill. It will use the revenue gathered from the waste disposal levy for resource recovery and waste minimisation.

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What you told us

The Ministry received 479 submissions on the waste levy consultation document.

Summary of submissions

Read the summary of submissions

Individual submissions

Submissions received via the online form are included in this Excel sheet.

Submissions provided by email are provided below and linked to from the Excel sheet.

ref112 Kapiti Coast District Council PDF,206 kB
ref133 Clive Matthew-Wilson PDF,59.3 kB
ref134 Roelant Hofmans PDF,73.9 kB
ref135 Ann Mace PDF,85.1 kB
ref136 Ruth Bourne PDF,37.2 kB
ref137 Rob Dowler PDF,102 kB
ref138 Emma Koch PDF,93.5 kB
ref139 Graham Blackley PDF,120 kB
ref140 Brian Cox PDF,318 kB
ref144 Stephen Suess JPEG,3.3 MB
ref174 Michael Szabo PDF,112 kB
ref198 Cora Joy PDF,33.6 kB
ref212 BusinessNZ PDF,497 kB
ref232 Business North Harbour PDF,117 kB
ref244 Atlas Concrete Ltd PDF,913 kB
ref273 EnviroNZ Limited PDF,618 kB
ref333 Woodbridge Buys Consulting Ltd PDF,73.5 kB
ref34 Organic Solutions Ltd part1 JPEG,1.6 MB
ref34 Organic Solutions Ltd part2 JPEG,1.0 MB
ref347 Federated Farmers of New Zealand PDF,264 kB
ref353 Porirua City Council PDF,329 kB
ref410 Green Gorilla PDF,215 kB
ref411 New Zealand Association of Metal Recyclers part1 PDF,2.7 MB
ref411 New Zealand Association of Metal Recyclers part2 PDF,7.5 MB
ref412 Wanaka Wastebusters Ltd PDF,110 kB
ref425 Ngati Whatua Orakei Part 2 PDF,17.2 MB
ref425 Ngati Whatua Orakei part1 PDF,228 kB
ref427 D.P. & Laurie Simmons PDF,420 kB
ref448 Auckland Council PDF,3.9 MB
ref455 Ella van Gool PDF,667 kB
ref473 Nelson City Council PDF,6.5 MB
ref474 BRANZ part1 PDF,1.0 MB
ref474 BRANZ part2 PDF,200 kB
ref474 BRANZ part3 PDF,195 kB
ref475 Transwaste Canterbury Limited PDF,132 kB
ref476 Napier City Council PDF,402 kB
ref477 Marlborough District Council PDF,801 kB
ref478 Auckland Construction and Demolition Waste Working Group PDF,13.1 kB
ref479 Auckland International Airport PDF,153 kB
ref480 Reclaim Ltd PDF,229 kB
ref481 Aggregate and Quarry Association PDF,250 kB
ref482 Ashburton District Council PDF,628 kB
ref483 Buller (BDC), Grey (GDC) and Westland (WDC) District Councils PDF,299 kB
ref485 Contaminated Land and Waste Special Interest Group PDF,2.5 MB
ref486 Burnside Dunedin Limited PDF,351 kB
ref487 Concrete New Zealand PDF,437 kB
ref488 Countdown PDF,277 kB
ref489 Christchurch City Council PDF,1.2 MB
ref490 McDonald_s Restaurants (New Zealand) Limited PDF,117 kB
ref491 Flynn Washington PDF,1023 kB
ref492 Fletcher Building PDF,253 kB
ref493 Glass Packaging Forum PDF,169 kB
ref494 John McBride PDF,91.8 kB
ref495 Flight Plastics Ltd PDF,296 kB
ref496 Gisborne District Council PDF,1.0 MB
ref497 Forest Owners Association PDF,996 kB
ref498 Watercare Services Limited PDF,541 kB
ref499 David PDF,1.0 MB
ref500 Hamilton City Council PDF,244 kB
ref501 The Rubbish Trip Joint Submission et al PDF,667 kB
ref502 Wellington City Council PDF,735 kB
ref503 Wally Hicks PDF,509 kB
ref505 ICOMOS PDF,3.0 MB
ref506 Sarah Dowie, MP for Invercargill PDF,326 kB
ref507 The Waste Management Industry Forum PDF,208 kB
ref508 Carol McLean PDF,70.9 kB
ref509 Northland Waste Ltd PDF,1.2 MB
ref510 Local Government New Zealand PDF,1015 kB
ref511 Motor Trade Association PDF,276 kB
ref512 Nelson Marlborough Health PDF,1.3 MB
ref513 Registered Master Builders Association PDF,411 kB
ref514 Oji Fibre Solutions PDF,1.4 MB
ref515 Nelson Forests Ltd PDF,1.8 MB
ref516 New Zealand Steel Limited_Redacted PDF,2.7 MB
ref516 New Zealand Steel Limited PDF,3.0 MB
ref517 Linda Kaye PDF,186 kB
ref518 Office of the Prime Minister_s Chief Science Advisor PDF,171 kB
ref519 Packaging New Zealand PDF,563 kB
ref520 Matariki Forests PDF,3.6 MB
ref522 Wastenet Southland PDF,420 kB
ref523 Plastics New Zealand PDF,333 kB
ref525 Pioneer Energy Limited PDF,989 kB
ref526 Richard Wallis PDF,198 kB
ref527 Tasman District Council PDF,768 kB
ref528 Kaikoura District Council PDF,182 kB
ref529 Taranaki Solid Waste Management Committee PDF,3.5 MB
ref530 Timaru District Council PDF,153 kB
ref531 Chartered Accountants ANZ PDF,5.8 MB
ref532 Fulton Hogan PDF,77.0 kB
ref533 Pan Pac Forest Products Limited PDF,262 kB
ref534 Visy Recycling New Zealand PDF,1.4 MB
ref535 Waitakere Ranges Protection Society PDF,343 kB
ref536 Waimate District Council PDF,429 kB
ref538 Waste Management NZ Ltd and Enviro NZ PDF,163 kB
ref539 Waste Management NZ Limited PDF,877 kB
ref540 Waikato Regional Council PDF,795 kB
ref541 Waikato and Bay of Plenty Waste Liaison Group PDF,792 kB
ref542 Waimakariri District Council PDF,222 kB
ref543 Kaibosh Food Rescue PDF,89.0 kB
ref545 WasteMINZ_s Organic Materials Sector Group PDF,208 kB
ref546 Winstone Aggregates PDF,405 kB
ref547 Clean Earth Ltd PDF,367 kB
ref548 WasteMINZ TAO Forum PDF,376 kB
ref549 Zero Waste Network PDF,93.1 kB
ref550 Environment and Conservation Organizations of NZ Inc. PDF,112 kB
ref551 Western Bay of Plenty District Council PDF,1.7 MB
ref552 Air New Zealand PDF,1001 kB
ref553 Auckland Council PDF,9.7 MB
ref554 Water New Zealand PDF,663 kB
ref555 Margaret Thorn Part1 PDF,203 kB
ref555 Margaret Thorn Part2 PDF,734 kB
ref557 Katerina Wisnewski part1 PDF,82.7 kB
ref557 Katerina Wisnewski part2 PDF,75.2 kB
ref459 Sheldon Drummond PDF,335 kB
ref560 Queenstown Lakes District Council PDF,495 kB
ref561 Hancock Forest Management PDF,779 kB
ref562 Environment Canterbury PDF,3.9 MB
ref563 Sims Pacific Metals PDF,462 kB
ref564 Marilyn Scott PDF,120 kB
ref565 Maria Fahey PDF,3.1 kB
ref566 Hastings District Council PDF,647 kB

Information on publishing and releasing submissions

What was proposed

Consultation documents

Reducing waste: a more effective landfill levy consultation document 

Summary of consultation document

Cost-benefit analysis of the proposals

The Ministry commissioned the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research to carry out a cost-benefit analysis of the proposals to increase the levy rate and apply it to more landfills.

Waste levy extension: Estimates of extending and raising levy

Watch this video on how one company is diverting waste from landfill