Reducing waste: A more effective landfill levy

Sorting of waste for recycling

New Zealand has a waste problem. We are disposing more and more waste into landfill.

The landfill levy is one of the most effective tools we have to help us change. The Government is proposing to increase the levy and apply it to more landfill types. 

The consultation closed on 3 February 2020.

Information on publishing and releasing submissions

Next steps

  • MfE will prepare a report that summarises submissions. We will make recommendations to the Minister taking into account the feedback.
  • If Cabinet approves the policy proposals they will take effect in phases from mid-2020 or mid-2021 (depending on which option is chosen).
  • By July 2023 all new levy rates are proposed to be in place.

Review the proposals

Consultation documents

Reducing waste: a more effective landfill levy consultation document 

Summary of consultation document

Cost-benefit analysis of the proposals

The Ministry has commissioned the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research to carry out a cost-benefit analysis of the proposals to increase the levy rate and apply it to more landfills.

Waste levy extension: Estimates of extending and raising levy

Watch this video on how one company is diverting waste from landfill