5 simple ways to prevent waste at home

Cutting down on waste can be as simple as these five steps.

Reduce your single-use plastic

Say no to unnecessary single-use plastics like straws and plastic cutlery. Invest in a few good quality reusable items – a reusable water bottle, a keep cup, reusable shopping bags and lunch containers. It doesn’t take much effort to make a big dent in the amount of single-use plastic you’re sending to landfill and into the environment.  

Buy items with the least packaging

While some packaging is required for food safety, many items are packaged for convenience and presentation. Choosing to buy items free from unnecessary packaging is a great way to reduce your waste and support brands that are actively reducing theirs. Fruits and vegetables are a good example – if there is an unwrapped option, choose that one. If not, check if the packaging can be recycled or composted at home. Better yet, try growing some of your own produce – a delicious choice and a win for nature.

Buy in bulk

Items like chips, nuts, crackers and yoghurt sold in multi-packs (packaged in single-serves) creates a lot of unnecessary waste, so why not buy a bigger bag and divide the contents into reusable containers or jars at home? Some stores will even allow you to fill your own containers – which means you shop waste-free.

Think twice before you buy new

With so many low-cost goods available, many of us buy new items without thinking carefully about whether we really need them. To turn around New Zealand’s poor track record on waste, we need to think twice about what we’re buying – do we really need the item, and if so could we buy it second hand or rent or borrow it instead? If we do decide to buy, it’s important to consider whether the product is designed to last a long time and be easily repaired or to be ‘unmade’ after use and the materials either made into something new or returned to nature. This is the kind of thinking that will take us closer to a circular economy system.

Buy recyclable and recycled where possible

Choosing recyclable products and packaging and recycling them is an easy way to cut waste – but it’s important to check your local councils rules on what can go in your kerbside recycling bin. 

In order for recycling systems to be effective, there has to be a market for recycled goods. So the other way you can recycle is by opting to purchase products and packaging made from recycled materials – there are many of these available so keep an eye out when you’re shopping and choose recycled.  Find out how to be a pro recycler.

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5 simple ways to prevent waste at home