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Never flush wet wipes - keep our essential workers safe

Never flush wet wipes. We want to keep our essential workers safe.Father and son who work to unblock drains.

Wet wipes block sewer pipes

Due to COVID-19 you may be using more wet wipes to keep yourself or your home clean. It is very important not to flush them afterwards. They block up the pipes, which then need fixing immediately.

Workers fixing blockages are at risk of COVID-19 infection

When workers have to leave home to fix blocked pipes, they’re at risk of COVID-19. That puts everyone else in their bubble at risk as well. wet wipes sewer blockage in Gisborne

We are asking New Zealanders to do your bit for workers and their whānau, and put your wipes in the bin.

Blockages with wet wipes is a widespread issue

The recent spike in the use of wet wipes has resulted in some councils reporting many more blockages in their wastewater systems.

We know New Zealanders will want to help protect our wastewater systems, the environment, and most importantly, council workers by throwing wet wipes in the bin - not the toilet. 

Wet wipes don’t break down easilysewer in Gisborne blocked with wet wipes.

Wet wipes, even those that claim to be ‘flushable’ do not break down as easily as toilet paper. They can create ‘fatbergs’ which can clog wastewater systems.

The problem is compounded by more New Zealanders making home-cooked meals during lockdown with fatty liquids being put down the sink. 

Wet wipe blockages are diverting workers from other important work

Wet wipe blockages diverts staff away from other important work at this time. They also leads to more costs for repairs.

Wet wipe blockages contribute to pollution of our waterways

Wastewater overflows from blockages, such as those caused by wet wipes, can end up in rivers, estuaries, harbours and waterways.

You can help

Protect our essential workers and our environment and #neverflushwipes.

Find out more about COVID-19

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Photos on this page are of sewers in Gisborne blocked with wet wipes.