Applying for the Fast-track consenting process through Order in Council

The COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020 allows any individual or group to apply to the Minister for the Environment to have their public or private project referred to the fast-track consenting and designation process.  

The Minister will consider a project against criteria that includes:

  • consideration of the economic benefits a project will give to communities or industries affected by COVID-19
  • how it will affect social and cultural wellbeing now and into the future 
  • whether the project’s timeline will benefit from the fast-track process
  • the public benefit that would accrue from the project such as:
    • improving environmental outcomes for coastal or freshwater quality, air quality or indigenous biodiversity
    • minimising waste
    • contributing to New Zealand’s efforts to mitigate climate change.  

Read more about the COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020 

How to apply to be referred to the fast-track consenting process

Step 1

Read the Fast-track consenting guidance.

It covers: 

  • what information you will need to include in your online application. 
  • how the decision-making process works.

Step 2

Use the Ministry's fast-track consenting online application system to apply for the process.

How to apply.

  • Register to set up an account or sign-in to your existing account.
  • Create either an individual account for you as an individual or a business account for an organisation.
  • Click Apply to start your application.  Note you can save the draft application and return to complete it.
  • Click Submit once Application Form complete.

A copy of your application will be emailed to you.

We will contact you further should we need more information. 

If you have already applied using the application form (word document) that was previously available, we will still accept this. All applications from 3 August 2020 must be made through the online application system.  For any questions regarding the process email  

What happens next

You will be informed promptly if your application is successful.  The Notice of  Decision will also be published on this page. If your application is approved you can apply to the Environmental Protection Authority for your resource consent or notice of requirement to be considered by an Expert Consenting Panel.    

More information  

If you have a question:

Projects granted access to the fast-track consenting process through an Order in Council will be listed below

These decisions are made by the Minister for the Environment. When an application relates to the coastal marine area the decisions are made jointly by the Minister for the Environment and the Minister for Conservation.