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Recommendations for standardisation of kerbside collections in Aotearoa

Publication date:  August 2020
Publication reference number:  CR 444

This report was prepared by WasteMINZ for the Ministry for the Environment. It provides recommendations on opportunities to standardise domestic kerbside collections of waste in New Zealand to increase consistency, reduce confusion for householders, improve material quality and reduce residual rubbish to landfill.

The four key recommendations provided by this report are:

  1. Standardise materials to be collected in domestic kerbside recycling collections across the country, and how they should be presented, to increase consistency, reduce confusion for householders and reduce contamination.
  2. Incentivise local authorities to collect food waste for composting or AD to reduce kerbside residual rubbish to landfill.
  3. Incentivise local authorities to collect glass separately to other recyclable materials to improve the quality of all materials accepted in kerbside recycling.
  4. Provide best practice recommendations for food waste, recycling, and residual rubbish collections to increase consistency across the country.