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The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme evaluation report 2016

Publication date:  February 2016
Publication reference number:  ME 1129

This report presents the findings of the Ministry's evaluation of the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme’s (NZ ETS) short-, medium- and long-term performance. The purpose of the evaluation is to gain a greater understanding of the impacts of the NZ ETS. It is a first step towards implementing a complete monitoring and evaluation plan for the NZ ETS.

This report is one of three technical notes provided to support submissions for the NZ ETS review 2015/16 on the following priority issues:

  • removing the one-for-two transitional measure
  • managing the costs of removing the one-for-two transitional measure.

It may also be of relevance to other issues.

For the other two technical notes supporting priority issues see related publications below.

To make a submission or for inf

ormation on the NZ ETS review 2015/16 see Consultation for the NZ ETS review 2015/16. Submissions for priority issues close on 19 February 2016.