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  • Cover for value case for sustainable building in New Zealand.jpg
    February 2006
    The Value Case for Sustainable Building in New Zealand provides information that can be used to demonstrate the business case for sustainable buildings to key decision-makers. It contains case studies, overseas trends, and potential drivers for sustainable building in the future. Read more
  • A Practical Environmental Toolkit for the Screen Production Industry
    November 2005
    This brochure gives an overview of how the New Zealand screen industry can contribute to 'greener' film and TV productions. Read more
  • March 2007
    This guide provides ideas and actions to improve sustainability of day-to-day activities. It includes figures of what an average New Zealander consumes over a year. Read more
  • enz07-energy-info-sheet-jun08
    June 2008
    This is one in a series of information sheets providing a snapshot of the data in Environment New Zealand 2007, the second national-level state of NZ’s environment report. Each information sheet also provides tips about what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. Read more
  • A Guide to Sustainable Office Fit-outs
    December 2005
    This guide is designed to help you consider how moving into new offices (fit-out) or changing existing offices to meet new needs (refurbishment) can be done in ways that are as mindful of the environment as possible. Read more