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  • February 2000
    The New Zealand Biodiversity Strategy establishes a framework for action to conserve and sustainably use and manage New Zealand's biodiversity. Read more
  • Cover of Proposed National Policy Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity
    January 2011
    The proposed NPS on Indigenous Biodiversity sets out the Government's expectations for managing New Zealand's indigenous biodiversity under the Resource Management Act 1991. Read more
  • enz07-biodiversity-info-sheet-jun08
    June 2008
    This is one in a series of information sheets providing a snapshot of the data in Environment New Zealand 2007, the second national-level state of NZ’s environment report. Each information sheet also provides tips about what you can do to reduce your impact on the environment. Read more
  • June 2003
    The Fiordland Marine Conservation Strategy is an initiative of the Guardians of Fiordland’s Fisheries and Marine Environment community which promotes a new approach to protecting the Fiordland marine environment through co-operative and integrated management. Read more
  • Cover of Draft National Policy Statement for Biodiversity
    November 2019
    The proposed National Policy Statement for Indigenous Biodiversity (NPSIB) sets out the objectives and policies to identify, protect, manage and restore indigenous biodiversity under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). Read more