Nature space

Looking after our environment is a big job, so we all need to chip in. Through their website, Nature Space are making it easier for communities to organise their efforts and work together.

Nature Space is the online home of ecological restoration projects in New Zealand. It grew out of Wellington’s annual Restoration Day, but since 2012, it has been a nationwide effort, bringing together more than 400 community conservation groups. The site includes everything from large-scale Forest and Bird projects, to small planting groups trying to improve their local creek, and all are making a difference.

Tim Bailey from the Department of Conservation says that Nature Space showcases the breadth of work being done, and allows people to share ideas, “If you’re a group working in Wellington, and there’s another group doing something similar in Auckland, you can connect. Sometimes we’re a bit too focused on our local area so it’s good to have a national picture.”

The 40,000 members of Nature Space have collectively controlled more than 100 million square metres of weeds, trapped 21,000 possums and put close to 1.7 million plants into NZ soil.

As well as collecting this data and providing a platform for people to connect, Nature Space is a one-stop-shop for resources on everything from planting to funding. So if you’d like to set up a new group, volunteer in existing projects, or just learn more about community conservation, visit the Nature Space site today.

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