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Environmental reporting

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StatsNZ and MfE report on the state of different aspects of our environment every six months, and our environment as a whole every three years. Environmental reporting is divided into five domains: air, atmosphere and climate, fresh water, land, and marine. The reporting help us understand our environment, track impacts of human activities over time and identify environmental challenges.

Our atmosphere and climate 2020

Our climate is explored in five chapters looking into how, why and what is changing and the effects those changes are beginning to have on the things New Zealanders care about.

  1. Our climate, our future
  2. Our activities are driving emissions
  3. Changes in our climate and environment are being observed
  4. Climate change and our wellbeing
  5. Looking ahead: future emissions and climate.

Our freshwater 2020

Our freshwater 2020 examines the most pressing issues on our freshwater. Four priority freshwater issues have been selected for this report: 

  • Our native freshwater species and ecosystems are under threat
  • Water is polluted in urban, farming, and forestry areas
  • Changing water flows affect our freshwater
  • Climate change is affecting freshwater in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Our marine environment 2019

Our marine environment 2019 examines the most pressing issues in our oceans, seas, coastlines and estuaries. Four priority marine issues have been selected for this report: biodiversity loss, activities on land, activities at sea, and climate change. This report also shows that our marine environment continues to experience pressure from the combined effects of our activities.

Environment Aotearoa 2019

Environment Aotearoa 2019 provides an overview of the state of our environment. Using five broad themes it presents nine priority environmental issues. Each issue includes information about why it matters, what has changed, and the consequences.

Our air 2018

Our air 2018 presents the available data on the pressures, current states, and the impact of poor air quality on the health and well-being of New Zealanders and our environment.

Our land 2018

Our land 2018 reports on the state of the soil, and the state of indigenous biodiversity and ecosystems. The aim is to provide an overview of condition, and changes over time, to support decision-making at all levels of society.

Our fresh water 2017

Our freshwater 2017 presents information about the state of our fresh water, the pressures on this state, and what that means for us and the environment.

Our atmosphere and climate 2017

Our atmosphere and climate 2017 focuses on climate change and exposure to ultraviolet sunlight. We chose these themes as the focus of this report because scientific evidence shows human activities are causing long-lasting changes to the state of the atmosphere.

Our marine environment 2016

This report provides an overview of the pressures New Zealand's marine environment faces, how it is changing, and the impacts on our biodiversity, economy, and way of life.

Environment Aotearoa 2015

Environment Aotearoa 2015' provides an overall picture of our environment across the air, atmosphere and climate, fresh water, land, and marine domains and shows interactions between each domain. It presents the human and natural pressures that cause changes to the state of these domains and the impacts these changes have on our environment, economy and way of life.

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