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Environmental education resources for teachers

This page provides information on environmental education resources for teachers.

Environmental education is a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that develops the knowledge, awareness, attitudes, values and skills that will enable individuals and the community to contribute towards maintaining and improving the quality of our environment.School kids

Guidelines for environmental education in New Zealand schools 
[Ministry of Education website] help teachers identify opportunities within the existing national curriculum statements to plan and provide education in, about and for the environment. The Ministry also supports a professional development programme for teachers and many learning outside the classroom projects.

Environmental education resources and links

There is a wide range of online resources and curriculum-related material for environmental education.

The Online Learning Centre has information about the environmental education guidelines for schools, curriculum resources and useful links [Ministry of Education’s website Te Kete Ipurangi].

The Department of Conservation's website has a section on educational resources including teaching resources. 

Your regional council may also have useful resources and programmes for environmental education.

Some other useful websites for environmental information, programmes and initiatives are:

  • Virtual field trip programme [LEARNZ website]
  • Up the Creek – a website journey about biodiversity in waterways and teacher resources [Biodiversity website]
  • The Globe Programme  – a worldwide hands-on, primary- and secondary-school-based science and education program focusing on the environment [GLOBE website]
  • Antarctica New Zealand website, see Resources
  • Thin Ice: The inside story of climate science is an award winning documentary produced by Oxford and Victoria universities in 2013 see The website also includes resources, produced by Victoria University in liaison with teachers, which support the use of the film and unit standard criteria.
  • Kiwi Conservation Club website.


An action-based education programme where young people plan, design and implement sustainability projects and become catalysts for change in their families, and within the wider New Zealand community. Enviroschools engages with children, young people and their communities through the formal education system of early childhood education (ECE) centres, primary and secondary schools.

Built on a collaborative organisational model, Enviroschools is supported by a network of over 80 agencies, with councils making up the core of the network. The programme operates nationwide and is supported by 16 regional coordinators and over 120 facilitators.

Find out more on the Enviroschools website.