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Demonstrate our Edge; the MfE way of working

“He rau mano, he rau kotahi tangata” - Embracing our multiple talents

‘Our Edge’ is how we all behave at MfE every day. It is our consistent and shared way of working that enables success – both ours and of others – as we make Aotearoa New Zealand is the most liveable place in the world and carry out our role as stewards for the environment.  It is the combination of all six behaviours that ensures our success. 

We are Curious - We ask the questions that enable us to develop insight, know more, and learn. We ask these questions with respect and actively listen, using the answers to shape and grow our thinking.

We are Innovative - We introduce new ways of doing our work to deliver change and are receptive to others new ways of working that may be of benefit to us. Our fresh thinking means we challenge the status quo and add value.

We are Courageous - We are brave enough to ask questions of ourselves and others and to put our thinking out there. We have a point of view. We are open to the questions and perspectives of others and change our thinking, behaviours and approach if required. We are brave enough to try, even if we may fail. If we do fail, we learn from the experience.

We Take Action - We have a long-term view and focus on action that makes a difference today. We don’t wait on the side-lines. We perform work with energy and drive.

We Lead - We inspire and influence others to act in the service of positive change and we lead from wherever we are in the organisation.

We Help Others Succeed - We work as one organisation to achieve our purpose. We all create a culture in which people want to do their best and we learn from each other. We broker relationships and make it practical and workable for others to make good environmental and economic decisions.