Science and Technical Advisory Group

It is important that we have robust scientific evidence for all the work in the Ministry and as a base for freshwater policy options. We have sought external expertise to help us explore and test our approach, and to provide specialist advice on science and policy work.

About the group

The Science and Technical Advisory Group will oversee the scientific evidence for freshwater policy development including water quality attributes. The establishment of this group draws on useful discussions between freshwater scientists earlier this year about policy development and the science behind the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management (Freshwater NPS).

This group will provide and technical advice on the Essential Freshwater work programme and other Ministry for the Environment work. It will have a role in ensuring the interpretation of the science for policy development is accurate. It will also help improve protocols to better manage the incorporation of science into the policy process.

Terms of Reference 


  • Ken Taylor – Director, Our Land and Water National Science Challenge (Chair)
  • Dr Adam Canning - Research scientist/ Technical advisor – Fish and Game
  • Dr Bev Clarkson – Capability Leader Biodiversity and Conservation Team – Manaaki Whenua Landcare Research
  • Dr Bryce Cooper – General Manager – NIWA
  • Dr Chris Daughney – Director, Environment and Materials Division – GNS Science
  • Dr Clive Howard-Williams – NIWA
  • Graham Sevicke-Jones – Director, Science and Information – Environment Southland
  • Prof. Ian Hawes – University of Waikato
  • Prof. Jenny Webster-Brown – Director, Waterways Centre for Freshwater Management – University of Canterbury
  • Dr Joanne Clapcott – Senior Scientist,  Coastal Freshwater Group - Cawthron Institute
  • Dr Jon Roygard – Group Manager, Natural Resources and Partnerships – Horizons Regional Council
  • Dr Marc Schallenberg – University of Otago – President of New Zealand Freshwater Sciences Society
  • Dr Mike Joy – Senior of Government – Victoria University of Wellington
  • Prof. Russel Death – Massey University
  • Ra Smith (Kahungunu ki Wairarapa)
  • Dr Dan Hikuroa (Senior Lecturer, Maori Studies, University of Auckland)

Members have been appointed to this group because of their personal insight, skills and expertise, not as representatives of any organisation.

Kahui Wai Māori members who are also on the and Technical Advisory Group are:

  • Dr Tanira Kingi
  • Dr James Ataria
  • Mahina-a- Baker

Meeting minutes