Reforming the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme: Rules for auctioning

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The New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme is the government’s main tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Government plans to introduce auctioning of New Zealand units to market participants as part of the  scheme.  The move would help Aotearoa New Zealand reach its domestic and international climate change targets.

The consultation did not include information or proposals regarding the volume of NZUs available for auction or the settings for NZ ETS price controls. Questions about these topics will be part of a subsequent consultation.

The consultation closed on 19 December 2019.

What is happening

The Climate Change Response (Emission Trading Reform) Amendment Act was passed into law on the 22 June 2020. It makes a number of changes to the New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme. 

Read about the changes related to auctioning

What you told us

Summary of submissions

Read the Summary of Submissions on the proposals in the consultation document

Individual submissions


05 Tunakino Forestry Ltd.pdf [PDF,108 kB]
06 CarbonClick Limited.pdf [PDF,48.0 kB]
11 Temperzone.pdf [PDF,44.4 kB]
13 NCDEX eMarkets Limited.pdf [PDF,49.2 kB]
14 Gull New Zealand Limited.pdf [PDF,33.6 kB]
17 Tailored Energy Soultions Ltd.pdf [PDF,42.4 kB]
18 Queenstown Lakes District Council.pdf [PDF,47.5 kB]
21 Forest360 Ltd.pdf [PDF,44.6 kB]
25 Mercury.pdf [PDF,174 kB]
26 Chemiplas NZ Ltd.pdf [PDF,45.3 kB]
28 Carbon Farm Limited.pdf [PDF,55.4 kB]
29 Commonwealth Bank of Australia.pdf [PDF,46.2 kB]
33 Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited.pdf [PDF,197 kB]
34 Transpower New Zealand Ltd and EMSTradepoint.pdf [PDF,57.2 kB]
35 Compass Climate.pdf [PDF,33.6 kB]
37 Jansen Forest Consulting Limited.pdf [PDF,408 kB]
38 First Gas Limited.pdf [PDF,248 kB]
39 Forest Owners Association.pdf [PDF,470 kB]
41 Bathurst Resources.pdf [PDF,253 kB]
43 Minerals West Coast.pdf [PDF,175 kB]
44 BP New Zealand.pdf [PDF,52.5 kB]
45 BusinessNZ.pdf [PDF,239 kB]
46 Federated Farmers of New Zealand.pdf [PDF,367 kB]
47 Contact Energy Ltd.pdf [PDF,238 kB]
48 New Zealand Automobile Association.pdf [PDF,727 kB]
49 DairyNZ.pdf [PDF,178 kB]
51 Vector Limited.pdf [PDF,122 kB]
52 Forestry Reference Group.pdf [PDF,501 kB]
53 Genesis Energy Limited.pdf [PDF,169 kB]
55 Air New Zealand.pdf [PDF,1.2 MB]
56 NZX Limited (NZX) and European Energy Exchange AG (EEX).pdf [PDF,292 kB]
57 OceanaGold Corporation.pdf [PDF,136 kB]
58 Horticulture New Zealand, Tomatoes New Zealand, Vegetables NZ Incorporated.pdf [PDF,339 kB]
59 Todd Corporation.pdf [PDF,143 kB]
60 New Zealand Farm Forestry Association.pdf [PDF,325 kB]
62 O-I New Zealand.pdf [PDF,6.8 MB]
01 Chris Jonassen.pdf [PDF, 7.5 MB]
07 Kerry Worsnop.pdf [PDF, 616 KB]
23 Jeremy Manks.pdf [PDF, 42 KB]
42 Mike Currie.pdf [PDF, 618 KB]
54 Euan Mason.pdf [PDF, 1 MB]
02 Anonymous.pdf [PDF, 44 KB]
15 Anonymous.pdf [PDF, 50 KB]
16 Anonymous.pdf [PDF, 41 KB]
27 Anonymous.pdf [PDF, 50 KB]
50 Anonymous.pdf [PDF, 46 KB]
59 Anonymous.pdf [PDF, 821 KB]

Information on publishing and releasing submissions

Review the proposals

Consultation document

Reforming the Emissions Trading Scheme: Rules for auctioning

The proposals in this consultation are to help drive emissions reductions. Read more about Proposed improvements to the NZ ETS.  

Public information sessions

We held public meetings on the proposals in early December.

Presentation slides shown at the public meetings [Powerpoint, 731 KB]

Webinar session on proposals [Zoom website]