Submissions on the proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011

This page has the submissions that were received from the public consultation on the proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011. The consultation ran from 7 November 2013 to 4 February 2014.

Discussion document

Proposed amendments to the National Policy Statement for Freshwater Management 2011


The Ministry for the Environment received 7151 submissions. Of these, 725 were unique (where the submitters express their views in their own words) and 6426 were form submissions (these contain primarily standarised text written by a campaign organiser).

The unique submissions and the form submission templates are available in the tables below. Some information is withheld at the request of submitters and contact details of all submitters are withheld under section 9(2)(a) of the Official Information Act 1982.

Unique submissions

Submitter name Download size
ACT Party [PDF, 79 KB]
Adair, R [PDF, 16 KB]
Aldridge, R [PDF, 85 KB]
Alington, E [PDF, 17 KB]
Allan, A [PDF, 7 KB]
Alliance Group Ltd [PDF, 174 KB]
Anderson, M [PDF, 17 KB]
Andrew, J [PDF, 114 KB]
Anonymous 00009 [PDF, 84 KB]
Anonymous 00010 A [PDF, 75 KB]
Anonymous 00010 B [PDF, 33 KB]
Anonymous 00011 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 00014 [PDF, 79 KB]
Anonymous 00016 [PDF, 84 KB]
Anonymous 00017 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 00018 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 00019 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 00020 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 00061 [PDF, 78 KB]
Anonymous 00603 [PDF, 20 KB]
Anonymous 00965 [PDF, 97 KB]
Anonymous 01352 [PDF, 78 KB]
Anonymous 01353 [PDF, 79 KB]
Anonymous 01355 [PDF, 78 KB]
Anonymous 01357 A [PDF, 88 KB]
Anonymous 01357 B [PDF, 34 KB]
Anonymous 01358 [PDF, 82 KB]
Anonymous 01361 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 02030 [PDF, 98 KB]
Anonymous 02040 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 02043 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 02044 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 02045 [PDF, 75 KB]
Anonymous 02048 [PDF, 80 KB]
Anonymous 02050 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 02052 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 02053 [PDF, 78 KB]
Anonymous 02054 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 02056 [PDF, 18 KB]
Anonymous 03171 [PDF, 80 KB]
Anonymous 03172 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 03176 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 03178 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 03186 [PDF, 80 KB]
Anonymous 03187 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 03189 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 03190 [PDF, 78 KB]
Anonymous 03191 [PDF, 78 KB]
Anonymous 05003 [PDF, 76 KB]
Anonymous 05004 [PDF, 78 KB]
Anonymous 05009 [PDF, 80 KB]
Anonymous 05013 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 05016 [PDF, 78 KB]
Anonymous 05022 [PDF, 79 KB]
Anonymous 05026 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 05028 [PDF, 81 KB]
Anonymous 05030 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 05034 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 05035 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 05037 [PDF, 77 KB]
Anonymous 05164 [PDF, 188 KB]
Anonymous 05166 [PDF, 196 KB]
Anonymous 06324 [PDF, 99 KB]
Anonymous 06328 [PDF, 643 KB]
Anonymous 06371 [PDF, 63 KB]
Anson, R [PDF, 82 KB]
Aquaculture New Zealand [PDF, 105 KB]
Arcipesca [PDF, 77 KB]
Ariel, L [PDF, 15 KB]
Armitage, P [PDF, 77 KB]
Auckland Council A [PDF, 71 KB]
Auckland Council B [PDF, 3.63 MB]
Auckland Farmers Freezing Company [PDF, 84 KB]
Auckland Regional Public Health Service [PDF, 505 KB]
Avon Otakara Network [PDF, 378 KB]
Ayling, J [PDF, 186 KB]
Bailey, P [PDF, 119 KB]
Baker, R [PDF, 15 KB]
Baker, P [PDF, 31 KB]
Baker, J [PDF, 20 KB]
Baldwin, A [PDF, 8 KB]
Ballance Agri-nutrients A [PDF, 111 KB]
Ballance Agri-nutrients B [PDF, 200 KB]
Batchelor, T [PDF, 17 KB]
Batten, G [PDF, 9 KB]
Bayliss, L [PDF, 180 KB]
Beardsley, L [PDF, 33 KB]
Beaumont, P [PDF, 35 KB]
Beef and Lamb NZ Ltd [PDF, 226 KB]
Beitchef, G [PDF, 10 KB]
Bell, S [PDF, 163 KB]
Bell, J [PDF, 18 KB]
Bennett, R [PDF, 85 KB]
Bennett, M [PDF, 96 KB]
Bennett, A [PDF, 309 KB]
Bergamini, D [PDF, 77 KB]
Berry Simons Environmental Law [PDF, 145 KB]
Birch, M [PDF, 96 KB]
Birch, D [PDF, 524 KB]
Bird, K [PDF, 7 KB]
Blair, D [PDF, 81 KB]
Blair, D [PDF, 524 KB]
Bolton, A [PDF, 76 KB]
Bone, T [PDF, 44 KB]
Booth, I [PDF, 17 KB]
Borrie, N [PDF, 14 KB]
Bradford, N [PDF, 10 KB]
Bragg, T [PDF, 13 KB]
Brathwaite, B [PDF, 77 KB]
Bray, J [PDF, 16 KB]
Brian, G [PDF, 76 KB]
Broad, R [PDF, 16 KB]
Bron, L [PDF, 9 KB]
Brown, S [PDF, 16 KB]
Brown, S [PDF, 96 KB]
Brown, G [PDF, 579 KB]
Brown, C [PDF, 8 KB]
Brown, A [PDF, 77 KB]
Brownlee, P [PDF, 17 KB]
Bryant, E [PDF, 411 KB]
Bublitz Transport Ltd [PDF, 78 KB]
Bull, I [PDF, 17 KB]
Buller, S [PDF, 17 KB]
Buller Conservation Group [PDF, 179 KB]
Burdett, J [PDF, 2.57 MB]
Burgers, A [PDF, 541KB]
Burke, J [PDF, 92 KB]
Burnham, T [PDF, 16 KB]
Burrows, L [PDF, 20 KB]
Burton, I [PDF, 32 KB]
Business NZ [PDF, 284 KB]
Butcher, N [PDF, 17 KB]
Butler, P [PDF, 7 KB]
Butler, L [PDF, 110 KB]
Butler, A [PDF, 8 KB]
Cadenhead, L [PDF, 214 KB]
Caldwell, R [PDF, 92 KB]
Caldwell, P [PDF, 478 KB]
Cameron, J [PDF, 98 KB]
Canterbury District Health Board [PDF, 632 KB]
Canterbury-Aoraki Conservation Board A [PDF, 217 KB]
Canterbury-Aoraki Conservation Board B [PDF, 210 KB]
Capacity Infrastructure Services [PDF, 8.3 MB]
Carswell, S [PDF, 1.26 MB]
Carter, L [PDF, 17 KB]
Carter Holt Harvey - Pulp Paper and Packaging [PDF, 140 KB]
Chamberlain, J [PDF, 8 KB]
Chandler, V [PDF, 95 KB]
Chaplin, R [PDF, 48 KB]
Checketts, R [PDF, 15 KB]
Cheyne, C [PDF, 83 KB]
Chippindale, B [PDF, 37 KB]
Christchurch City Council [PDF, 9.36 MB]
Chrystal, P [PDF, 69 KB]
Chrystall, L [PDF, 482 KB]
Clark, P [PDF, 140 KB]
Coalition for Clean Water [PDF, 224 KB]
Collins, B [PDF, 39 KB]
Conn, N [PDF, 16 KB]
Conning, L [PDF, 88 KB]
Contact Energy Ltd [PDF, 2.30 MB]
Conway, J [PDF, 7 KB]
Coogan, S [PDF, 75 KB]
Cooper, L [PDF, 13 KB]
Cooper, E [PDF, 7 KB]
Copland, A [PDF, 91 KB]
Corbett, T [PDF, 13 KB]
Cotsilinis, S [PDF, 115 KB]
Cottle, D [PDF, 80 KB]
Couchman, R [PDF, 13 KB]
Council of Outdoor Recreation Associations of NZ [PDF, 657 KB]
Craig, S [PDF, 15 KB]
Crompton, A [PDF, 96 KB]
Curry, P [PDF, 20 KB]
Dairy NZ [PDF, 491 KB]
David, M [PDF, xx MB]
Davidson, G [PDF, 94 KB]
Davies, A [PDF, 76 KB]
Day, N [PDF, 7 KB]
de Schot, S [PDF, 77 KB]
Dee, M [PDF, 17 KB]
Dennis, A [PDF, 108 KB]
Deva, R [PDF, 153 KB]
Domike, Z [PDF, 191 KB]
Dooley, E [PDF, 57 KB]
Douds, C [PDF, 19 KB]
Dowrick, D [PDF, 16 KB]
Dowsett, P [PDF, 89 KB]
Drysdale, B [PDF, 101 KB]
Duff, K [PDF, 17 KB]
Dumbleton, H [PDF, 17 KB]
Dyck, B [PDF, 78 KB]
Eames, J [PDF, 17 KB]
East, R [PDF, 167 KB]
Eastern Fish and Game Council [PDF, 181 KB]
Easton, J [PDF, 95 KB]
Easton R [PDF, 86 KB]
Edgerton, S [PDF, 9 KB]
Edwards, P [PDF, 457 KB]
Eel Enhancement Co Ltd [PDF, 145 KB]
Ell, J [PDF, 8 KB]
Elliot, K [PDF, 34 KB]
Ellis, A [PDF, 14 KB]
Elwell-Sutton, P [PDF, 1.06 MB]
Envirohub BOP [PDF, 319 KB]
Environment Canterbury [PDF, 283 KB]
Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand [PDF, 980 KB]
Environment Justice and Peace Network [PDF, 129 KB]
Environment Network Manawatu [PDF, 60 KB]
Environment Southland [PDF, 383 KB]
Environmental Defence Society [PDF, 507 KB]
Environmental River Patrol - Aotearoa [PDF, 81 KB]
Evans, J [PDF, 16 KB]
Fairclough, J [PDF, 89 KB]
Fary, D [PDF, 90 KB]
Federated Farmers of NZ [PDF, 630 KB]
Federation of Maori Authorities [PDF, 312 KB]
Ferguson, R [PDF, 84 KB]
Fielding, A [PDF, 7 KB]
Fish and Game - Nelson Marlborough [PDF, 179 KB]
Fish and Game - Wellington, Hawkes [PDF, 7.64 MB]
Fish and Game Council [PDF, 1.17 MB]
Fitzpatrick, M [PDF, 348 KB]
Fletcher, A [PDF, 17 KB]
Flewellen, T [PDF, 63 KB]
Fonterra [PDF, 893 KB]
Forest and Bird - Gisborne Branch [PDF, 71 KB]
Forest and Bird - Tauranga Branch [PDF, 16MK]
Forest and Bird - Tauranga Branch [PDF, 77 KB]
Forest and Bird - Wellington Branch [PDF, 95 KB]
Forgie, V [PDF, 33 KB]
Forgie, V [PDF, 18 KB]
Forrest, W [PDF, 15 KB]
Forsyth, I [PDF, 16 KB]
Forsyth, F [PDF, 9 KB]
Forsythe, M [PDF, 15 KB]
Foster, J [PDF, 80 KB]
Frackfree Kapiti and Beyond [PDF, 77 KB]
Franken, M [PDF, 18 KB]
Friends of Golden Bay Inc [PDF, 452 KB]
Friends of Oakley Creek Te Auaunga [PDF, 197 KB]
Fullmer, R [PDF, 15 KB]
Fullmer, H [PDF, 460 KB]
Gallagher, A [PDF, 36 KB]
Gedye, B [PDF, 82 KB]
Geeves, A [PDF, 36 KB]
Gemmell, D [PDF, 76 KB]
Genesis Energy [PDF, 108 KB]
Gerard, S [PDF, 207 KB]
Gibbs, S [PDF, 17 KB]
Gilberg, S [PDF, 19 KB]
Gilchrist, M [PDF, 20 KB]
Ginglinger, C [PDF, 16 KB]
Godbert, F [PDF, 178 KB]
Godbert, C [PDF, 505 KB]
Goodall, T [PDF, 80 KB]
Goodall, A [PDF, 23 KB]
Goodwin, S [PDF, 11 KB]
Goodwin, L [PDF, 32 KB]
Gosling, D [PDF, 181 KB]
Grace, L [PDF, 148 KB]
Graeme, M [PDF, 38 KB]
Graeme, K [PDF, 9 KB]
Graeme, C [PDF, 332 KB]
Graeme, B [PDF, 317 KB]
Graham, T [PDF, 76 KB]
Graham, P [PDF, 76 KB]
Grammer, L [PDF, 36 KB]
Grant, P [PDF, 77 KB]
Grant, N [PDF, 21 KB]
Grant, C [PDF, 31 KB]
Gray, W [PDF, 12 KB]
Green, J [PDF, 14 KB]
Greer, A [PDF, 15 KB]
Gregory, R [PDF, 30 KB]
Grey, B [PDF, 77 KB]
Griffin, J [PDF, 66 KB]
Griffin, C [PDF, 66 KB]
Griffin, C [PDF, 465 KB]
Griffiths, J [PDF, 66 KB]
Grimmett, S [PDF, 7 KB]
Grimmett, J [PDF, 30 KB]
Groom, D [PDF, 20 KB]
Grove, D [PDF, 76 KB]
Gunn, K [PDF, 26 KB]
Guthrie, J [PDF, 184 KB]
Guttler, J [PDF, 15 KB]
Gwynn, M [PDF, 505 KB]
Haddon, T [PDF, 101 KB]
Haddon, S [PDF, 57 KB]
Haggarty, N [PDF, 7 KB]
Hall, P [PDF, 77 KB]
Hamblett, A [PDF, 121 KB]
Hamer, B [PDF, 95 KB]
Hamill, L [PDF, 15 KB]
Hamill, J [PDF, 86 KB]
Hamilton Anglers Club [PDF, 44 KB]
Hamilton City Council [PDF, 1.1 MB]
Harcombe, K [PDF, 79 KB]
Hardy, P [PDF, 29 KB]
Harker, K [PDF, 298 KB]
Harper, G [PDF, 460 KB]
Harper, G [PDF, 16 KB]
Harris, R [PDF, 76 KB]
Hart, Z [PDF, 16 KB]
Haslett, S [PDF, 54 KB]
Hastings Anglers Association [PDF, 78 KB]
Haverkamp, A [PDF, 17 KB]
Hay, A [PDF, 17 KB]
Haydon, S [PDF, 85 KB]
Hayes, C [PDF, 7 KB]
Henderson, V [PDF, 3.24 MB]
Henderson, G [PDF, 77 KB]
Henderson, C [PDF, 20 KB]
Herber, R [PDF, 17 KB]
Herbert Heritage Group [PDF, 78 KB]
Hickson, R [PDF, 90 KB]
Height Safety Engineering [PDF, 77 KB]
Hill, T [PDF, 78 KB]
Hindman, S [PDF, 21 KB]
Hodder, S [PDF, 77 KB]
Hodges, D [PDF, 293 KB]
Holland, P [PDF, 567 KB]
Holwell, A [PDF, 35 KB]
Hook, T [PDF, 14 KB]
Hooper, A [PDF, 83 KB]
Horizons Regional Council [PDF, 3.31 MB]
Horticulture New Zealand [PDF, 397 KB]
Horton, F [PDF, 98 KB]
Hosford, F [PDF, 723 KB]
Hosking, J [PDF, 99 KB]
Huata, H [PDF, 2.43 KB]
Huggins, T [PDF, 35 KB]
Huggins, P [PDF, 16 K B]
Hughe, C [PDF, 7 KB]
Hughes, J [PDF, 16 KB]
Hunt, T [PDF, 88 KB]
Hunt, D [PDF, 8 KB]
Hunt, A [PDF, 3.74 MB]
Hunt, A [PDF, 2.87 MB]
Hunt, A [PDF, 736 KB]
Hunt, A [PDF, 578 KB]
Hunt, A [PDF, 484 KB]
Hunt, A [PDF, 108 KB]
Hunt, A [PDF, 666 KB]
Hutt City Council [PDF, 8.58 MB]
Iles, H [PDF, 84 KB]
Innovative River Solutions [PDF, 160 KB]
Insley, C [PDF, 21 KB]
Institution of Professional Engineers NZ [PDF, 234 KB]
Ireland, P [PDF, 69 KB]
Irrigation NZ [PDF, 229 KB]
Jack, J [PDF, 85 KB]
Jackson, P [PDF, 16 KB]
Jacob, M [PDF, 13 KB]
Jacques, C [PDF, 19 KB]
James, T [PDF, 114 KB]
James, G [PDF, 83 KB]
Janson, D [PDF, 458 KB]
Jeune, M [PDF, 777 KB]
Johnson, K [PDF, 8 KB]
Jones, R [PDF, 93 KB]
Jones, M [PDF, 14 KB]
Jones, B [PDF, 76 KB]
Judge, B [PDF, 15 KB]
Keane, E [PDF, 15 KB]
Keedwell, R [PDF, 40 KB]
Kelly, T [PDF, 65 KB]
Kemp, S [PDF, 36 KB]
King, G [PDF, 2 MB]
King Country Energy A [PDF, 128 KB]
King Country Energy B [PDF, 203 KB]
Kingston, S [PDF, 358 KB]
Kingston, A [PDF, 735 KB]
Lakes and Waterways Action Group [PDF, 467 KB]
Land and Water Forum [PDF, 333 KB]
Lapsley, H [PDF, 76 KB]
Lauderdale, K [PDF, 13 KB]
Le Gros, T [PDF, 83 KB]
Lee, P [PDF, 218 KB]
Leigh, S [PDF, 16 KB]
Lennox Thomson, B [PDF, 76 KB]
Lewis, O [PDF, 84KMB]
Liesching, P [PDF, 65 KB]
Lincoln, S [PDF, 110 KB]
Lipanovic, T [PDF, 97 KB]
Lipanovic, J [PDF, 115 KB]
Loader, Anthony [PDF, 17 KB]
Local Government New Zealand [PDF, 797 KB]
Loest, P [PDF, 100 KB]
Longden, J [PDF, 103 KB]
Lowe, R [PDF, 36 KB]
Lusk, M [PDF, 458 KB]
Mabelle, S [PDF, 462 KB]
Macdonald, L [PDF, 460 KB]
MacIvor, A [PDF, 11.95 MB]
Mackenzie Guardians Inc [PDF, 319 KB]
Mackie, W [PDF, 9 KB]
Maguire, A [PDF, 15 KB]
Malvern Hills Protection Society [PDF, 126 KB]
Mana Whenua Kaitiaki Forum of Tamaki Makaurau [PDF, 3.09 MB]
Mangaroa Marae [PDF, 2.11 MB]
Maniapoto Maori Trust Board [PDF, 757 KB]
Maori Party [PDF, 4.04 MB]
Mareikura, R [PDF, 15 KB]
Marsden, J [PDF, 8 KB]
Marsden, G [PDF, 13 KB]
Marshall, E [PDF, 100 KB]
Martin, Les [PDF, 11 KB]
Maskill, Julia [PDF, 100 KB]
Maskill, Joy [PDF, 16 KB]
Matty [PDF, 31 KB]
Mayne, A [PDF, 534 KB]
McArthur, A [PDF, 7 KB]
McBreen, P [PDF, 16 KB]
McBride, M [PDF, 1.49 MB]
McCarthy, R [PDF, 98 KB]
McConnell, P [PDF, 13 KB]
McDonald, W [PDF, 76 KB]
McGill, A [PDF, 17 KB]
McGuire, D [PDF, 39 KB]
McKendry, R [PDF, 16 KB]
McKinley, K [PDF, 7 KB]
McNeil, A [PDF, 94 KB]
Meat industry Association of New Zealand [PDF, 145 KB]
Melvin, Megan [PDF, 17 KB]
Meridian A [PDF, 949 KB]
Meridian B [PDF, 5.14 MB]
Meridian C [PDF, 15.6 MB]
Meridian D [PDF, 1.54 MB]
Meridian Email [PDF, 232 KB]
Methodist Church Palmerston North [PDF, 120 KB]
Methodist Church Te Haahi Weteriana [PDF, 1.01 MB]
Mighty River Power [PDF, 476 KB
Miller, D [PDF, 33 KB]
Miller N and Hager, N [PDF, 303 KB]
Millman, S [PDF, 178 KB]
Mitcalfe, A [PDF, 98 KB]
Mitcalfe Wilson, A [PDF, 17 KB]
Monk, R [PDF, 482 KB]
Montgomerie, G [PDF, 16 KB]
Moody, N [PDF, 48 KB]
Morrisey, D [PDF, 76 KB]
Mosen, B [PDF, 30 KB]
Mossel, E [PDF, 186 KB]
Mossimann, R [PDF, 15 KB]
Mounsey, T [PDF, 76 KB]
Muller, T [PDF, 90 KB]
Munt, D [PDF, 36 KB]
Murley, C [PDF, 14 KB]
Myer, B [PDF, 20 KB]
National Wetland Trust of New Zealand [PDF, 166 KB]
Neilson, J [PDF, 17 KB]
Nelson City Council [PDF, 2.51 MB]
Nelson Youth Council [PDF, 74 KB]
New Zealand Association for Impact Assessment [PDF, 789 KB]
New Zealand Council for Infrastructure Development [PDF, 269 KB]
New Zealand Ecological Society [PDF, 752 KB]
New Zealand Fish and Game Council [PDF, 1.3 MB]
New Zealand Hydrological Society A [PDF, 114 KB]
New Zealand Hydrological Society B [PDF, 116 KB]
New Zealand Institute of Forestry - Te Putahi Ngaherehere o Aotearoa Incorporated [PDF, 364 KB]
New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects (Inc) [PDF, 199 KB]
New Zealand Law Society [PDF, 509 KB]
New Zealand Marine Services Society [PDF, 959 KB]
New Zealand Pork Industry Board [PDF, 462 KB]
New Zealand Salmon Anglers Association Incorporated [PDF, 170 KB]
New Zealand Transport Agency A [PDF, 542 KB]
New Zealand Transport Agency B [PDF, 833 KB]
New Zealand Water and Wastes Association Waiora Aotearoa [PDF, 265 KB]
Newdick, M [PDF, 16 KB]
Nga Marae o Heretaunga [PDF, 2.01 MB]
Nga Whaea Atawhai o Aotearoa Sisters of Mercy New Zealand [PDF, 844 KB]
Ngati Kahungunu A [PDF, 4.02 MB]
Ngati Kahungunu B [PDF, 12.27 MB]
Ngati Koroki Kahukura Trust [PDF, 632 KB]
Ngati Rangi Trust [PDF, 628 KB]
Ngati Whatua o Kaipara [PDF, 468 KB]
Ngatiwai Trust Board [PDF, 873 KB]
Nicolson, D [PDF, 76 KB]
NIWA [PDF, 1.11 MB]
Nolan, B [PDF, 76 KB]
North Canterbury Fish and Game Council [PDF, 744 KB]
Northland Regional Council [PDF, 516 KB]
NZ Freshwater Sciences Society [PDF, 982 KB]
NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association (Inc.) [PDF, 77 KB]
NZ Steel Ltd [PDF, 263 KB]
O'Donnell and Waugh, M [PDF, 57 KB]
Oliver, H [PDF, 17 KB]
Oliver, A [PDF, 16 KB]
O'Neale, M [PDF, 9 KB]
Orman, T [PDF, 12 KB]
Otago Fish and Game Council [PDF, 1.49 MB]
Otago Regional Council [PDF, 1.08MB]
Padovani, A [PDF, 14 KB]
Palmerston North City Council [PDF, 2.78 MB]
Parker, H [PDF, 83 KB]
Parker, B [PDF, 15 KB]
Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment [PDF, 216 KB]
Parsons, C [PDF, 7 KB]
Parsonson, W [PDF, 19 KB]
Pavitt, I [PDF, 14 KB]
Payne, S [PDF, 77 KB]
Payne, M [PDF, 36 KB]
Payne, K [PDF, 110 KB]
Payne, J [PDF, 76 KB]
Penney, P [PDF, 19 KB]
Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand [PDF, 322 KB]
Pham, T [PDF, 48 KB]
Philip and Pearson, C [PDF, 60 KB]
Pierard, T [PDF, 17 KB]
Pioneer Generation A [PDF, 180 KB]
Pioneer generation B [PDF, 201 KB]
Plank, C [PDF, 36 KB]
Plesner, E [PDF, 37 KB]
Pollok, J [PDF, 35 KB]
Poultry Industry Association of New Zealand (Inc) [PDF, 222 KB]
Price, I [PDF, 209 KB]
Pugmire, S [PDF, 15 KB]
Qualtrough, P [PDF, 16 KB]
Radonich, S [PDF, 200 KB]
Rae, M [PDF, 16 KB]
Rae, D [PDF, 11 KB]
Rangitaiki River Forum 05116 [PDF, 151 KB]
Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd A [PDF, 251 KB]
Rangitata Diversion Race Management Ltd B [PDF, 206 KB]
Ravensdown Fertiliser Co-operative Ltd [PDF, 588 KB]
Rawls, T [PDF, 20 KB]
Regional Public Health [PDF, 95 KB]
Religious Society of Friends [PDF, 40 KB]
Renouf, D [PDF, 170 KB]
Resource Management Law Association [PDF, 664 KB]
Response Trust [PDF, 1.00 MB]
Rich, T [PDF, 15 KB]
Richards, E [PDF, 83 KB]
Rieger, A [PDF, 171 KB]
Ritchie, J [PDF, 16 KB]
Roberts, M [PDF, 76 KB]
Roberts, K [PDF, 2.9 MB]
Robertson, P [PDF, 99 KB]
Robertson, D [PDF, xx MB]
Robson, B [PDF, 200 KB]
Robson, A [PDF, 8 KB]
Rodger, I [PDF, 20 KB]
Rogers, R [PDF, 37 KB]
Rolleston, J [PDF, 14 KB]
Ross, B [PDF, 148 KB]
Royal Forest and Bird Protection - Nelson Tasman Branch [PDF, 3.68 MB]
Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society of NZ Inc [PDF, 828 KB]
Ruahine River Care Group [PDF, 78 KB]
Ruakawa Charitable Trust [PDF, 462KB]
Ruapehu District Council [PDF, 367 KB]
Rural Women NZ [PDF, 494 KB]
Rurehe, L [PDF, 13 KB]
Russell, D [PDF, 11 KB]
Russell, D [PDF, 17 KB]
Ryan, J [PDF, 20 KB]
Ryan, E [PDF, 20 KB]
Sadie, J [PDF, 1.09 MB]
Safey, A [PDF, 90 KB]
Salas, J [PDF, 22 KB]
Sam [PDF, 16 KB]
Sanders, M [PDF, 16 KB]
Sanders, J [PDF, 8 KB]
Sandford, E [PDF, 185 KB]
SAP [PDF, 78 KB]
Save Our River Trust [PDF, 159 KB]
Save The Otago Peninsula (STOP) Inc Soc [PDF, 407 KB]
Save The Rivers Mid-Canterbury Inc [PDF, 156 KB]
Sawmill Workers Against Poison [PDF, 78 KB]
Scanlon, B [PDF, 7 KB]
Schofield, J [PDF, 51 KB]
Scion [PDF, 129 KB]
Scott-Fyfe, R [PDF, 24 KB]
Scoular, B [PDF, 19 KB]
Seafood NZ [PDF, 239 KB]
Searle, B [PDF, 92 KB]
Seeley, R [PDF, 179 KB]
Shelton, L [PDF, 80 KB]
Shelton, L [PDF, 16 KB]
Shikongo, S [PDF, 40 KB]
Shore, B [PDF, 87 KB]
Silack, M [PDF, 2.37 MB]
Silver Fern Farms [PDF, 1.022 MB]
Smith, W [PDF, 119 KB]
Smith, T [PDF, 175 KB]
Smith, S [PDF, 16 KB]
Smith, L [PDF, 24 KB]
Smith, A [PDF, 98 KB]
Smith, A [PDF, 17 KB]
Smith, A [PDF, 35 KB]
Smuts-Kennedy, C [PDF, 19 KB]
Sneyink, J [PDF, 1.62 MB]
Snow, W [PDF, 96 KB]
Snowdon, E [PDF, 10 KB]
Solbak, J [PDF, 32 KB]
Sole, M [PDF, 81 KB]
South Island Eel Industry Association Inc [PDF, 163 KB]
Southall, S [PDF, 76 KB]
Southern District Health Board [PDF, 174 KB]
Southland District Council [PDF, 240 KB]
Sowry, I [PDF, 12 KB]
Squire, A [PDF, 95 KB]
Squire, A [PDF, 76 KB]
St Lukes Environmental Protection Society Inc [PDF, 118 KB]
Stanbridge, T [PDF, 16 KB]
Stanley-Hunt, D [PDF, 40 KB]
Steel, P [PDF, 13 KB]
Steenhart, T [PDF, 91 KB]
Stevens, S [PDF, 192 KB]
Stevens, P [PDF, 13 KB]
Stewart, S [PDF, 16 KB]
Stewart, J [PDF, 16 KB]
Stewart, D [PDF, 12 KB]
Stewart-Smith, W [PDF, 106 KB]
Straterra [PDF, 545 KB]
Strong, M [PDF, 9 KB]
Strong, K [PDF, 35 KB]
Struthers, R [PDF, 32 KB]
Suckling, G [PDF, 32 KB]
Sullivan, M [PDF, 208 KB]
Suman, M [PDF, 84 KB]
Surfbreak Protection Society [PDF, 388 KB]
Sutton, K [PDF, 35 KB]
Swinerd, C [PDF, 31 KB]
Tait-Jamieson, S [PDF, 7 KB]
Takapuna and Northcote Methodist Church Parishes [PDF, 703 KB]
Talbot, A [PDF, 91 KB]
Tapuika Iwi Authority [PDF, 242 KB]
Taranaki Regional Council [PDF, 3.38 MB]
Tasman District Council [PDF, 510 KB]
Tate, K [PDF, 541 KB]
Taupo District Council [PDF, 74 KB]
Taylor, M [PDF, 16 KB]
Taylor, L [PDF, 408 KB]
Taylor, C [PDF, 86 KB]
Te Ao Marama Inc [PDF, 611 KB]
Te Arawa Lakes Trust [PDF, 594 KB]
Te Atiawa Manawhenua Ki Te Tau Ihu Trust [PDF, 736 KB]
Te Roopu Kaitiaki O Te Wai Maori - Nga Marae O Heretaunga [PDF, 666 KB]
Te Runanga Ngati Whatua [PDF, 1.5 MB]
Te Runanga o Ngai Tahu [PDF, 822 KB]
Te Runanga o Ngati Kuia [PDF, 538 KB]
Te Runanga o Ngati Ruanui Trust [PDF, 606 KB]
Te Runanga o Ngati Whakaue ki Maketu [PDF, 80 KB]
Te Runanga o Toa Rangatira [PDF, 80 KB]
Te Wai Maori Trust and te Ohu Kaimoana Maori Fisheries Trust A [PDF, 4.0 MB]
Te Wai Maori Trust and te Ohu Kaimoana Maori Fisheries Trust B [PDF, 727 KB]
Th Orari River Protection Group [PDF, 268 KB]
The Catalyst Group [PDF, 997 KB]
The Fertiliser Association of NZ [PDF, 418 KB]
The Guardians of Lake Hawea [PDF, 108 KB]
The Morgan Foundation [PDF, 233 KB]
The NZ Trade and Industrial Waste Forum Inc [PDF, 80 KB]
The Pacific Institute for Resource Management [PDF, 309 KB]
The Proprietors of Taheke 8C and Adjoining Blocks Inc [PDF, 923 KB]
Thomas, M [PDF, 77 KB]
Thompson, M [PDF, 14 KB]
Thompson, A [PDF, 107 KB]
Thomson, J [PDF, 477 KB]
Thomson, B [PDF, 17 KB]
Thurston, K [PDF, 83 KB]
Tindale, A [PDF, 201 KB]
Tindale, A [PDF, 3.76 MB]
Tingle, D [PDF, 75 KB]
Toki Taiao (Ngati Whatua Orakei Whai Maia Ltd heritage and resource management unit) [PDF, 232 KB]
Topp, B [PDF, 83 KB]
Trolove, P [PDF, 205 KB]
Trower, B [PDF, 7 KB]
Trustpower A [PDF, 2.67 MB]
Trustpower B [PDF, 1.14 MB]
Tuapola, A [PDF, 14 KB]
Turner, B [PDF, 64 KB]
Twaddle, N [PDF, 17 KB]
Twiname, L [PDF, 17 KB]
Tyrrell, L [PDF, 19 KB]
Upper Hutt City Council [PDF, 8.58 MB]
van der Voorden, V [PDF, 219 KB]
van der Voorden, N [PDF, 7.78 MB]
van Empel, P [PDF, 93 KMB]
Van Gool, R [PDF, 200 KB]
Vaughan, J [PDF, 77 KB]
Vesbenter, L [PDF, 16 KB]
Vickers, L [PDF, 17 KB]
Vosspeter, C [PDF, 17 KB]
Waahi Pa Marae [PDF, 321 KB]
Wade, L [PDF, 85 KB]
Waihi Gold Company Ltd [PDF, 689 KB]
Waikahe'olu Chapter of Trout Unlimited [PDF, 78 KB]
Waikato District Council [PDF, 532 KB]
Waikato-Tainui Te Kauhanganui Inc [PDF, 395 KB]
Waimakariri District Council [PDF, 258 KB]
Waipa District Council [PDF, 200 KB]
Wairarapa Water Users Society [PDF, 19 KB]
Waitaki Irrigators Collective Ltd [PDF, 228 KB]
Wake, A [PDF, 13 KB]
Walker, N [PDF, 17 KB]
Walls, K [PDF, 16 KB]
Wansbrough, N [PDF, 34 KB]
Waring Martin, J [PDF, 188 KB]
Warren, S [PDF, 37 KB]
Warrington, R [PDF, 77 KB]
Watercare [PDF, 1.73 MB]
Waugh, J [PDF, 15 KB]
Weatherwell, B [PDF, 20 KB]
Webber-Brown, J [PDF, 244 KB]
Webby, R [PDF, 128 KB]
Weir, B [PDF, 33 KB]
Weir, L and Morris [PDF, 117 KB]
Wellington Botanical Society [PDF, 140 KB]
Wellington City Council [PDF, 8.58 MB]
West Coast Regional Council [PDF, 281 KB]
West Coast Tai Pautini Conservation Board [PDF, 209 KB]
Whitehead, J [PDF, 16 KB]
Whitewater NZ [PDF, 404 KB]
Whitmore, B [PDF, 19 KB]
Wilcocks, I [PDF, 230 KB]
Wilcox, D [PDF, 76 KB]
Wilkes, R [PDF, 79 KB]
Wilkinson, B [PDF, 90 KB]
Williams, P [PDF, 14 KB]
Williams, E [PDF, 740 KB]
Wilson, M [PDF, 77 KB]
Wilson, K [PDF, 94 KB]
Winstone Aggregates [PDF, 520 KB]
Winter, M [PDF, 14 KB]
Wood, N [PDF, 10 KB]
Wood Processors Assn of NZ [PDF, 115 KB]
Wood Van Dyke, M [PDF, 8 KB]
Woodward, M [PDF, 14 KB]
Woolner, D [PDF, 109 KB]
Wright, W [PDF, 55 KB]
Yan, J [PDF, 17 KB]
Yates, D [PDF, 83 KB]
Yensen, H [PDF, 67 KB]
Yeoman, H [PDF, 8 KB]
Yeoman, E [PDF, 18 KB]
Yeoman, C [PDF, 543 KB]
Yeoman, C [PDF, 41 KB]
Young, S [PDF, 77 KB]
Young, P [PDF, 8 KB]
Young, N [PDF, 76 KB]
Young, D [PDF, 544 KB]
Z Energy Ltd, BP Oil NZ Ltd [PDF, 841 KB]
Zanetti, S [PDF, 9 KB]

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