National Planning Standards workshops for RMLA and NZPI members

These workshops were held in 2017.

A series of regional workshops on the National Planning Standards were held in June and July 2017 for Resource Management Law Association and New Zealand Planning Institute members.

The workshops were to assist the organisations' members to prepare for implementation of the National Planning Standards, which are a new requirement in the 2017 amendments  to the Resource Management Act. They will enable members to discuss the approach and options in the discussion papers on the first set of National Planning Standards with their peers.

The workshops were jointly run by the Resource Management Law Association, New Zealand Planning Institute and the Ministry for the Environment.

National Planning Standards regional workshops



Auckland 6 June 2017


7 June 2017


7 June 2017

Tauranga 8 June 2017

New Plymouth

12 June 2017

Nelson   13 June 2017


14 June 2017


15 June 2017

Dunedin 20 June 2017
Christchurch 21 June 2017


22 June 2017


21 June 2017
Whangarei 26 June 2017
Palmerston North 27 June 2017
Auckland 4 July 2017


5 July 2017

To find out more about the workshops and to register

NZPI members NZPI events web page on the New Zealand Planning Institute website
RMLA members Regional events web page on the Resource Management Law Association website

For more information about the Standards see the National Planning Standards section of this website.

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