Climate implications of policy assessment: guidance on Cabinet requirement for central government agencies

Central government agencies must do a greenhouse gas emissions analysis for certain policy proposals which go to Cabinet from 1 November 2019. This page outlines what is required and links to guidance.

Guidance and tools

Requirement for central government to complete greenhouse gas emissions analysis 

From 1 November 2019, central government agencies are required to undertake and report on a greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions analysis, known as a CIPA, for all policy proposals that go to Cabinet and meet certain qualifying criteria. CIPA stands for a ‘climate implications of policy’ assessment.

The CIPA requirement will apply where:

  • an objective of the policy proposal is to decrease GHG emissions; or
  • the impact on GHG emissions is likely to be equal or above 250,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Purpose of requirement

The requirement will enable New Zealand to measure, monitor and report on government interventions that will impact New Zealand’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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