Establishing the Climate Change Commission – Call for registrations of interest in commission roles

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About the establishment of the Climate Change Commission and how to nominate candidates for Commission roles.

Establishing the commission

The Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill provides a framework for reducing emissions by 2050 and achieving a climate resilient future. This includes the establishment of an independent Climate Change Commission. The bill is currently going through the parliamentary process [New Zealand Parliament Pāramata Aotearoa website]. It is expected to be enacted by the end of 2019. The commission would be operational shortly afterwards.  

Commission's kaupapa

The commission’s kaupapa is to provide independent expert advice to the Government and to monitor and review its progress towards emissions reduction and adaptation goals. This means it will have a significant role in guiding Aotearoa New Zealand’s economic transition towards a low carbon economy.  

What we are looking for

The commission needs the best quality talent and to start with we are looking for candidates that can form the inaugural Commission.  In particular we are looking for exceptional governance leaders who can partner with others to guide Aotearoa towards a carbon free future.  Further details on the role requirements can be found by clicking on the links below:

Deputy Chair
Commissioners (five)

If you, or someone you know, are interested please fill in the short form below. The ROI process will be open until Friday 26 July 2019. The information provided will be used to establish suitability for roles, so a CV or cover letter should address how your skills and experience meet the requirements outlined in the position descriptions.

If you have any questions email

Questions and answers on nominating someone or registering your own interest in commisssion roles

What happens once I register or nominate someone?

If you nominate someone – the Ministry (MfE) will contact the nominee to check if they want to register.  
If you register yourself – the Ministry will provide all information you submit through the ROI to the Minister to assist in his deliberation of candidates.  All candidates will be notified of the outcome of the Minister’s deliberations. Depending on the number of applicants this may take some time, the Ministry will look to keep candidates informed along the way.

What will happen to my information? 

This information will be collected for the purpose of assisting the Minister to make recommendations for inaugural appointments to the Climate Change Commission. MfE will store and manage all information received in line with the Privacy Act 1993 and other legal obligations. In practice, MfE will treat registrations in the same way that it manages all applications of employment.  Information will only be accessible by those that need to see it for administrative purposes, and these individuals are subject to confidentiality obligations. Although we ask you to indicate your preference, unless otherwise specified in your cover letter, the information you submit will be considered for both roles. All candidates will be contacted prior to appointment to ensure they are aware of the role they are being appointed to.

We intend to evaluate candidates against the requirements of Commissioner set out in the draft Bill and against the following three criteria:

  • Background/experience  
  • Skills and knowledge  
  • Personal attributes  

Why is MfE starting recruitment now when the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill is not enacted yet? 

In accordance with Cabinet’s wishes, MfE is undertaking a range of preparation and planning activities to ensure the commission is ready as soon as the bill is enacted. This includes undertaking recruitment processes for key roles. However, no formal appointments will be made until the bill is enacted.
What if I have any further questions? 

If you have any questions or feedback on this process email

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Register your interest in a role with the Climate Change Commission

We ask that candidates submit a cover letter and either a CV or reference