Climate change

State of our atmosphere and climate

Our national data gives us a picture of the state of our atmosphere and climate and how it is changing.

This data is essential for making informed decisions and measuring our progress towards our climate change targets.

Likely impacts of climate change

Our changing climate will affect our economy, environment and way of life. We are uncertain about the pace and scale of future change. We do know that planning for the future means planning for a different climate.

New Zealand needs resilient systems able to deal with the scale and pace of change.

We all have a role to play

We all need to work on ways to cut our emissions, adapt to the effects of climate change and become more resilient to the changes that are coming.

What the Government is doing

Why climate change matters

More information

Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge of our time. It is already affecting our climate, agriculture, native ecosystems, infrastructure, health and biosecurity. If left unchecked it will have broad social and economic impacts.

We cannot afford to ignore what is happening in New Zealand and globally