Action for healthy waterways – Decisions on national direction and regulations for freshwater management

Date: May 2020

This Cabinet paper (attached below) seeks agreement to an Action for healthy waterways package.

Appendices to this Cabinet paper:

Appendix 1 - Action for healthy waterways detailed policies and recommendations for drafting the NPS-FM, NES, and Section 360 regulations [PDF, 676 KB]

Appendix 3 - Regulatory impact analysis: Action for healthy waterways part I: summary and overall impacts [PDF, 634  KB]

Appendix 5 - Climate implications of policy assessment: Disclosure sheet [PDF, 148 KB]

Appendix 6 - Essential Freshwater Report of the Freshwater Independent Advisory Panel [PDF, 1.7 MB]

Appendix 7 - Action for healthy waterways: Summary of submissions on national direction for our essential freshwater [PDF, 1.9 MB]

Appendix 8 - Freshwater Science and Technical Advisory Group supplementary report to the Minister for the Environment [PDF, 10.6 MB]