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Monitoring air quality

It is the role of our regional councils and unitary authorities to monitor air quality in their regions. Access regional data from this page.

Air quality monitoring data

See the data on the LAWA website.

Where air quality is monitored

Regional councils monitor air quality in areas (airsheds) where air quality has or could breach the National Environmental Standards for Air Quality (Air Quality NES)  

Airsheds are published in the New Zealand Gazette.

There are currently 72 airsheds nationally. All but one of these areas has the potential to breach the particulate matter (PM10) standard.

The remaining airshed (Marsden Point in Northland) has the potential to breach the sulphur dioxide standard.

In most cases an airshed is confined to a single urban area but it may also be a combination of towns (eg, the Otago 1 airshed combines Alexandra, Arrowtown, Clyde and Cromwell).  

Councils are responsible for monitoring and improving the air quality in airsheds within the timeframes set in the Air Quality NES.