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Open consultations

This section provides links to Ministry of Environment consultations that are currently under way.

This section has been developed to provide a straight-forward way of making submissions and encouraging discussion. Please select the consultation you are interested in from the list below and follow the instructions that are provided.

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Proposed technical updates to New Zealand Emissions Trading Scheme regulations for 2018

We are consulting with parties affected by proposed technical updates to the following three regulations under the New Zealand Emission Trading Scheme (NZ ETS).

NZ ETS regulations require amending from time to time to update technical factors and address anomalies when they arise. This helps ensure the NZ ETS is fit for purpose and as accurate as possible.

This consultation is not related to broader proposals for improvements to the NZ ETS. Those changes will be the subject of a separate consultation which we expect to hold in August/September 2018.

Climate change 22 May 2018 5.00 pm Sunday 10 June 2018