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Our mission is environmental stewardship for a prosperous New Zealand – tiakina te taiao kia tōnui a Aotearoa. Find out more about our role and who we work with on environmental issues.


A new national-level report on New Zealand’s environment is due out in mid-2015. The topics and provisional statistics for this report are out now. Read the list of topics on the Statistics New Zealand website. See the media release.


The New Zealand Government and industry are responding to a criminal blackmail threat to contaminate infant and other formula with the toxin 1080. For further information please visit:

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The Te Mana o Te Wai Fund is now seeking applications for projects that support or enable iwi/hapū to improve the quality of freshwater bodies. Find out more...

We are pleased to announce our new MfE Data Service. The service allows free web-based access to our data through open-file downloads and machine readable web service APIs. It has been made possible through a shared services agreement with Land Information New Zealand. Find out more about the service.

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