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The consultation closed on 19th July 2018. During the process we’ve heard from thousands of New Zealanders, in person and through submissions on the Zero Carbon Bill.

The Zero Carbon Bill will put a 2050 target in place to reduce emissions. It will set up the foundations and the institutions we need to get there. The Zero Carbon Bill also establishes an independent climate change commission and will support New Zealand to adapt to climate change.

The next step is for us to work through all of the feedback from around the country to draft a Bill that will be enduring.

We will release a summary of submissions once they have been analysed.

Analysing the economic impacts of the transition to a low-emissions economy

It’s uncertain how the future will unfold and what the impacts of the Zero Carbon Bill and a new 2050 emissions reduction target will be on the economy and society at large.

The Ministry for the Environment has compiled a synthesis technical report, which consolidates a range of detailed studies and modelling to help us look at the impact of the transition to low emissions and climate resilience in New Zealand. While these studies can help us look ahead, each has different strengths and weaknesses, and the farther we look out, the less certain future impacts become.

Together, the following reports will support understanding and discussion of the Zero Carbon Bill proposals.


Many New Zealand organisations are taking action on climate change.

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