What you can do to help reduce New Zealand’s waste

Waste free

New Zealanders care deeply about the issue of waste (see Ministry research) but knowing how to reduce waste effectively can be confusing. 

Prevent Waste

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The best way to help reduce the amount of rubbish we’re sending to landfill is to prevent waste in the first place. 

That means saying no to unnecessary single-use plastic items like shopping bags and straws, and thinking twice before you buy something new. 

We have lots of great tips to help get you started on your waste free journey.

Investing in a few handy items like a reusable water bottle, a keep cup and a stash of reusable bags for your groceries can make a huge dent in your waste footprint.

And why not get creative and find ways to upcycle and reuse objects that you might otherwise throw away?

We have lots of great tips to share. Find out more


Recycling is a great way to ensure that materials like plastic, glass and aluminium can be used over and over again and keep them out of landfill.

But it’s essential that you recycle right, by rinsing your recyclables clean and following your local council recycling rules.

Check out our pro tips for recycling.

Shop smart

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The choices you make when you shop are powerful when it comes to cutting waste.

Opt for items with the least amount of packaging or packaging that can be recycled. Choose products designed to last the distance or be made into something new after use.

Get tips on how to shop smart.

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