The New Zealand Waste Strategy

This page outlines the New Zealand Waste Strategy and its goals, and how it impacts local government, businesses and communities.

What is the New Zealand Waste Strategy?

The New Zealand Waste Strategy: Reducing harm, improving efficiency outlines the Government's high-level strategic direction for waste management and minimisation in New Zealand.

This strategy was released in 2010 and replaced the 2002 Waste Strategy.

Strategy goals

The New Zealand Waste Strategy has two goals.

These are to:

  • reduce the harmful effects of waste
  • improve the efficiency of resource use.

The strategy’s two goals provide direction to central and local government, businesses (including the waste industry) and communities on where to focus their efforts to manage waste.

Flexible approach to suit local needs

The strategy has a flexible approach that can be adapted to different situations. This flexible approach ensures waste management and minimisation activities are appropriate for local situations.