Waste disposal levy payments to territorial authorities

This page has information on waste disposal levy payments and how the money raised from the levy is distributed to territorial authorities. 

What are levy payments?

A $10 levy on each tonne of waste sent to landfills is collected from landfill operators. Half of the money collected through this waste disposal levy is paid to territorial authorities quarterly each year. The amount of levy each territorial authority receives is determined by the number of people in each district.

Territorial authorities must spend the levy to promote or achieve waste minimisation.  Waste management and minimisation plans (WMMP) prepared by each territorial authority set out how the levy will be used.

The Ministry has prepared best practice guidelines on how territorial authorities should use Waste Disposal Levy money - Waste levy spending: Guidelines for territorial authorities

Territorial authorities provide a voluntary report to the Ministry each year describing how the levy has been spent.

Quarterly payments to territorial authorities since January 2010

Payments have been made to territorial authorities since January 2010.

The following chart shows levy money paid to all territorial authorities from 2010 onwards.

Payments to individual territorial authorities

Quarterly payments to territorial authorities since January 2010


Payments to individual territorial authorities data (January 2010 - July 2020) [Excel, 47 KB]

The spreadsheet shows all payments to each territorial authority.

How is each share of the levy money calculated?

A territorial authority’s share is calculated using the following formula:

territorial authority’s share


(levy collected − levy refunded)


district’s population


total population


  • Levy collected is the total levy collected in the period prior to a payment.
  • Levy refunded is the total levy refunded in a financial year in accordance with regulations made under section 41(1)(k).
  • District’s population is:
    • the population of the district of the territorial authority as shown by the census of population published most recently before the start of the financial year or
    • if the district was constituted or its boundaries were altered after that census was published, the population of the district assessed by the Government Statistician as at the date of the district’s constitution or boundary alteration total population is the total of all districts’ populations.

A territorial authority’s share of the levy must be paid to the territorial authority quarterly on set dates. This is subject to section 33 of the Waste Minimisation Act 2008.

Territorial Authority spending Amount
Reuse Initiatives 443,304.03
Equipment and Infrastructure 610,620.74
E-waste 102,481.54
Sustainable business programmes 99,954.00
Education in schools 726,490.11
Council Grants 146,266.54
Love Food Hate Waste 85,897.75
Public Education Initiatives 447,145.07
Staff costs 372,871.45
Research and Investigation 406,775.33
Tyres 6,035.00
Rural initiatives 98,273.10
Other 24,158.24
Total 3,555,367.90