Waste reports and statistics

This page gives an overview of our waste data collection initiatives and their outcomes. It also provides links to the waste-related reports and statistics we currently hold.

Environmental reporting on waste disposal

The Ministry reports regularly on waste disposal in national environmental indicators for waste and state of environment reports. The environmental indicators provide information on the quantity and composition of solid waste disposal in New Zealand.

Report cards/environmental indicators

Waste composition from Solid Waste Analysis Protocol reports

The Solid Waste Analysis Protocol (SWAP) programme provides data on the composition and quantity of solid waste. Trends in quantity and composition of solid waste to landfill are the core indicators for reporting on solid waste.

The following reports provide information on SWAP and data that is collected through its use:


The Ministry for the Environment conducts surveys to gather data on siting, design, monitoring and operation of landfills across New Zealand to identify whether landfills are managed according to best practice.

The following reports provide details of the landfill surveys:

Waste publications