Alternatives to single-use plastic shopping bags: Guidance for businesses

The ban on single-use plastic shopping bags (under 70 microns) began on 1 July 2019. Your business needs to either offer an alternative solution (free or at a cost) or ask customers to bring their own bags. This section has guidance on alternatives to single-use plastic shopping bags.

Key questions to ask yourself
  • Do you really need to supply bags?
  • Could your customers bring their own? 
  • Can you reduce the amount of bags your business gives out? 
  • Can you encourage customers to reuse bags? 
Key ways to encourage customers to be environmentally-friendly
  • Provide bags that can be reused multiple times.
  • Offer customers a discount or other incentive for bringing in reusable bags. 
  • Adopt a ‘bag for life’ scheme where reusable bags are brought back to the store when worn out and replaced for free.
  • Buy bags made of recycled content and let your customers know that the recycled content reduces the environmental impact of the bags.

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