Submitting planning documents under Schedule 1

This page has information for councils on submitting planning documents to the Minister under Schedule 1.

Councils can submit information under Schedule 1 of the RMA electronically by emailing

Under Schedule 1 of the RMA, councils are required to consult with the Minister during the development of their regional policy statements, regional and district plans, plan changes and variations (clause 3 consultations). The Minister is also notified on public/limited notification (under clause 5/5A) and when the plan is made operative (under clause 20).

This gives the Ministry/Minister the opportunity to have input into how councils are developing their plans, including responding to national direction, and also to understand the timing of the plan development process.

Proposed plans and plan changes are an important source of information for monitoring the effectiveness of the RMA, legislative reform and how councils are implementing national direction (National Policy Statements and National Environmental Standards). 

Submit planning documents