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Before the NMS - the RMA Survey of Local Authorities

This page has reporting on local authorities implementation of RMA requirements for 1996/97 to 2012/13. Data is sourced from the bi-annual RMA Survey of Local Authorities. The bi-annual survey was replaced with the National Monitoring System for the RMA in 2014.

Reporting from the RMA Survey of Local Authorities

About the survey

Between 1995 and 2014, 11 national surveys monitored local government’s implementation of the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA). 

The survey was our principal source of information about RMA processes and helped us monitor the implementation and operation of the RMA. This included reviewing how local authorities implemented both the RMA and recommended good practices.

The survey also:

  • highlighted trends over time in RMA implementation, including areas where performance by local authorities may have required greater attention
  • provided information to promote benchmarking, good practice, and ways to improve local authorities’ performance
  • enabled each local authority to compare its performance with others and stimulated discussion about variations between similar local authorities.

The survey did not measure the performance of the RMA in delivering better environmental outcomes. Nor did it measure how well individual local authorities delivered these outcomes: this occurs through state of the environment monitoring and reporting at both the national and local level.