Requests for further information

This page has reporting of requests for further information on resource consent applications under section 92 of the RMA.

RMA requirements

Local authorities can use RMA section 92(1) to ask an applicant to provide further information to help assess and make a decision on a resource consent application.

On 3 March 2015, changes relating to section 92(1) requests and suspensions of resource consent processing time came into effect (Resource Management Amendment Act 2013 (section 88C)). Prior to 3 March 2015, the processing clock could be stopped for all section 92(1) requests for further information.

For applications received on or after 3 March 2015, the processing clock can only be stopped once and only if the request occurs before the notification decision. Following any decision to notify, section 92(1) further information requests cannot stop the processing clock.

Local authorities can use section 92(2) to commission a person to prepare a report on any matter relating to the application if the local authority considers that the proposed activity may have a significant adverse environmental effect.

New resource consents granted or declined that involved requests for further information











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