Overview of the reporting

This page outlines the data available on local authorities' implementation of the RMA and how it can be used.

What is available

The reporting on local authorities implementation' of the RMA from 2014/15 to 2017/18 consists of:

  • high-level findings (suitable for gaining a quick overview of aspects of local authorities’ implementation of the RMA)
  • an interactive summary data viewer and data tool displaying selected data
  • the complete National Monitoring System dataset available as downloadable files.

Access to the complete datasets gives those with an interest in New Zealand’s resource management system a resource with which to conduct their own in-depth analysis.

How it can be used

Local authorities are encouraged to use the NMS data to fulfil their reporting and monitoring requirements such as:

  • internal and external reporting on functions and processes
  • State of the Environment monitoring (section 35(2)(a) of the RMA)
  • efficiency and effectiveness monitoring of policies, rules or other methods in policy statements or plans (section 35(2)(b) of the RMA)
  • monitoring the progress towards achieving the stated outcomes for the local authority area as detailed in your local authority's Long Tem Plan (Local Government Act 2002 monitoring and reporting requirements).