About the Making Good Decisions Programme – certification for RMA decision makers

The Making Good Decisions Programme helps councillors, community board members, and independent commissioners make better decisions under the Resource Management Act 1991 (RMA).

Commissioners must be accredited to sit on RMA hearings panels. This page outlines the accreditation process which is provided by the Making Good Decisions Programme. 

About the accreditation requirement

It is the role of consent authorities to appoint decision-makers to RMA hearing panels.

Under section 39B the RMA, appointees on hearing panels must have accreditation to make decisions on:

  • applications for resource consent
  • notice of requirements given under section 168 or 189
  • requests under clause 21(1) of Schedule 1 for a change to be made to a plan
  • reviews of resource consents
  • applications to change or cancel resource consent conditions
  • proposed policy statements and plans that have been notified
  • any hearing of an objection under section 357C of the RMA.

The requirement is for all members of RMA hearing panels given authority by a local authority under sections 33, 34, or 34A to be accredited, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

How to become certified

The certification process is run by WSP Environmental Training. To find out more see the Making good decisions programme [WSP website].

To contact WSP: 


Since the inception of MGD, recertification with ongoing professional development and training has been a core component in the development and operation of the MGD programme. Changes to legislation, case law and practice can have a significant impact on the way decisions are made and the role of decision makers.

Certificates are issued with an expiry date to ensure decision-makers have their knowledge and skills re-evaluated regularly (three years from initial certification and every five years after).

Timeline showing the certification requirements

recertification process

Related information

See Gazette notice Replacement of Notice of Accreditation Under the Resource Management Act 1991 [Gazette website] for certification requirements.