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Improving our resource management system

The Government is proposing changes to our resource management system. It wants the RMA to support a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy and be easier for New Zealanders to understand and participate in. The reform programme is being developed in two stages.

Stage one of the reform programme

The Government plans to introduce an amendment bill to Parliament in 2019.

The bill will address particular issues with resource consenting, enforcement and Environment Court provisions within the RMA. It may also include some other policy proposals currently under development. The aim of the bill is to make the RMA less complex, give people more certainty on RMA issues and to increase public participation.

Public submissions will be called for when the bill is referred to a select committee.

The following documents have information on the policy proposals that will be in the proposed bill.

Stage two of the reform programme

This will involve a comprehensive review of the resource management system and will begin in 2019. While the scope is still being worked through, this review will provide an opportunity for fundamental system changes to support a more productive, sustainable and inclusive economy.

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