About the Resource Management Amendment Act 2020

About the legislative changes that have been made through the Resource Management Amendment Act 2020. The provisions come into force at various times. For more information see Overview of changes introduced by the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2020.

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Overview of the changes

The objectives of this Act are to:

  • reduce the complexity of the RMA
  • increase certainty 
  • restore public participation opportunities
  • improve Resource Management Act 1991 processes. 

This Act also supports the urgent need to improve freshwater management and outcomes, and respond to climate change in New Zealand.

It also makes improvements to:

  • resource consenting
  • enforcement
  • Environment Court provisions within the RMA.

For more information on the changes made through the Resource Management Amendment Act 2020 see: 

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Briefing notes

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Regulatory impact analysis documents

Department disclosure statement

Departmental disclosure statement: Resource Management Amendment Bill [PDF, 178 KB]

Departmental disclosure statement Resource Management Amendment Bill - supplementary departmental disclosure statement