Changes to a requiring authority

This page has the process to follow to update requiring authority status when the name of an entity changes.

Process for updating requiring authority status following a name change

A requiring authority may change its name. When this occurs and when certain criteria are met, it may be that the standard ‘Form 17’ application process for requiring authority status is not necessary and the entity’s name and requiring authority status may be updated by way of a notice in the 'New Zealand Gazette'.

If you think this may apply to you, you will need to provide the Ministry with some information regarding the change.

Typically this would include:

  • documentary evidence of the change or proposed change of name, such as the certificate of incorporation
  • details of the new entity’s structure
  • evidence as to whether there are any changes to the network utility operation in respect of which the requiring authority status was originally granted
  • other information as may be required by the Ministry.

After the information is submitted, the Minister for the Environment makes a decision about whether requiring authority status may be updated for the applicant by way of a gazette notice.

If you consider that this transfer of requiring authority status process may apply to your application, we strongly encourage you to contact the Ministry as early as possible to ensure sufficient time is available for completing the required process. Please contact our Resource Management Consenting Team by emailing