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Central government's roles and responsibilities under the RMA

Central government has responsibilities to administer the Resource Management Act 1991, provide national direction and respond to national priorities to do with managing the environment and environmental issues. This page gives an overview of central government's roles and responsibilities under the RMA.

National policy statements and standards

The RMA enables central government, the Minister for the Environment, to prepare national policy statements and national environmental standards which can apply across the landscape from the limit of the Territorial Sea (12 nautical miles or 22.2 km) across district and regional council boundaries.

National policy statements set out requirements for councils to deal with resource management issues. For more information see national policy statements on our website.

National environmental standards prescribe technical standards, methods or other requirements for environmental matters. For more information see national environmental standards on our website.

NZ Coastal Policy Statement

The Minister of Conservation prepares the NZ Coastal Policy Statement which applies from the limit of the Territorial Sea to the boundary of the coastal environment. For more information see the New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement [Department of Conservation website].

Conservation management strategies and plans

The Department of Conservation prepares conservation management strategies and conservation management plans according to the boundary of specific lands and water areas managed by DOC.