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Waste levy extension: Estimates of extending and raising levy

Publication date:  December 2019
Publication reference number:  CR 400

This report by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research a(NZIER) assesses the costs and benefits of changes to the waste disposal levy (‘landfill levy’). The report was commissioned by the Ministry for the Environment to help assess potential options for changes to the existing landfill levy, which is established under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008. The report models potential changes in waste disposal that might arise as a result in an increase in the cost of disposal (including disposal to alternative landfill types and to recovery activities such as increased recycling, composting and reuse). 

NZIER have modelled costs and benefits of changes to the landfill levy based on published estimates of the numbers and types of landfills present in New Zealand. In our consultation document, Reducing waste: a more effective landfill levy, we have used revised estimates of the numbers and types of landfills, based on:
•    revisions to the Technical Guidelines for Disposal to Land (updated August 2018) [wasteMINZ website], which now use 5 landfill classes, rather than 4 
•    engagement with regional councils in 2019 to update previous surveys of consented fill sites.

The options modelled by NZIER correspond to the following options in the consultation document:
•    Option A: NZIER model option no. 1
•    Option B: NZIER model option no. 5
•    Option C: NZIER model option no. 6
•    Option D: NZIER model option no. 4.