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AEE Assessment of environmental effects

AS/NZS Australia and New Zealand Joint Standard

AWTS Aerated wastewater treatment plant

BOD Biochemical oxygen demand

BOOT Build-own-operate-transfer

CS Conventional sewerage

DBO Design-build-operate

DO Dissolved oxygen

DWM Decentralised wastewater management

E. coli Escherichia coliform organisms

EDS Effluent drainage servicing

EDTA Ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid (a chelating agent that helps to control water hardness ions that can interfere with the performance of household, industrial, and institutional cleaning products)

ETS Evapo-transpiration seepage

FC Faecal coliform organisms

HIAMP Hazard identification analysis and monitoring programme

HGL Hydraulic Grade Line

HSNO Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996

ISF Intermittent sand filter

IST Improved septic tank (with filter)

LATE Local authority trading enterprise

LPED Low-pressure effluent distribution

LPP Low-pressure pipe system

LTAR Long-term acceptance rate

MCS Modified conventional sewerage

MEDS Modified effluent drainage servicing

MST Multi-chamber septic tank

NTA Nitrilotriacetic acid (a chelating agent that help to control water hardness)

O&M Operation and maintenance

PEDS Pumped effluent drainage servicing

RMA Resource Management Act 1991

RSF Recirculating sand filter

SBR Sequencing batch reactors

ST Septic tank

STEP Septic tank effluent pumping

TKN Total kjeldahl nitrogen

TN Total nitrogen

TSS Total suspended solids

USEPA United States Environmental Protection Agency

VGS Variable-grade sewer