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Summary of proposed priority products and priority product stewardship scheme guidelines consultation

Publication date:  August 2019
Publication reference number:  INFO 911

Regulated product stewardship would make producers responsible for specified problematic products at the end of life, and ensure the costs of proper waste management are paid by producers and consumers, not communities and the environment. 

This is a summary of the Government's proposals for co-design of regulated product stewardship schemes, including which products are proposed and design guidelines for accredited schemes. The overall intent of the proposals is to reduce the risk of harm from waste and increase economic and social benefits from a more circular use of resources.

The proposed six priority products are: 

  • tyres
  • electrical and electronic products (e-waste)
  • refrigerants and other synthetic greenhouse gases
  • agrichemicals and their containers
  • farm plastics
  • packaging (beverage packaging, single-use plastic packaging).

A two-stage process is proposed: 

  • stage one (this consultation) consults on the proposed declaration of six priority products and ministerial guidelines to clarify expected outcomes and attributes of accredited priority product schemes 
  • stage two will consult progressively by product group through 2019–2021 on proposed WMA regulations.