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12. How Should Regulation Work?

At this point it is uncertain how regulation might work for the agrichemical sector. The detailed design of the regulation would depend on the outcomes of the negotiations between brand owners and the programme.

Where regulation is necessary, the industry wants it to be light-handed and minimised to the greatest extent possible. Regulation might set in place minimum performance criteria, or provide for the negotiation of performance criteria. These performance criteria could then be reported against in a transparent way by the scheme. Criteria might include:

  • collection targets;
  • education/promotion targets;
  • minimum standards for collection;
  • minimum standards for recycling operators;
  • public reporting requirements.

Regulation would also need to provide a method for the identification of non-participant companies. This should be as light-handed as possible and reduce the need for bureaucracy as much as possible. Simple integration with existing product requirements through Customs or the ACVM Act requirements may provide the most efficient method.