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11. Would Product Stewardship Legislation Help?

The view from industry is clear. A voluntary approach together with a range of tools such as those given in Section 9 is LIKELY to make the Agrecovery programme happen. Legislation and regulation WILL make the programme happen and will provide it with the necessary stability.

The existence of product stewardship legislation, with the potential for regulation, would provide certainty to brand owners in the agrichemical sector and act as a driver for brand owners to join the scheme or set up an alternative. Legislation would reduce the risk of free riders (current or future) creating instability in the scheme, but regulation would remove this risk completely.

The assistance of the legislation would depend on the form of regulation. If Agrecovery was able to be registered as an industry standard then this may be relatively simple and at modest cost. The question for registrants is who will be the policeman and will they take action against non-conformance. The industry preference would be to police themselves with some form of "backstop" coming from government.