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Appendix 2: Visual Survey Waste Classifications

Primary category

Secondary category


Paper Recyclable Newspapers, cardboard junk mail, magazines, office paper, etc
Multi-material/other Multi-materials, liquid containers such as Tetrapak and gable tops, contaminated paper, waxed papers
Plastic Recyclable HDPE and PET (#2 and 1) drink containers
Multi-material/other Other types of plastic and primarily plastic multi-materials
Putrescibles Kitchen/food Food and food preparation waste
Green waste Vegetation, branches, stumps
Multi-material/other Organic matter such as meat-processing waste, dead animals
Ferrous metal Primarily ferrous Items made primarily of steel
Multi-material/other Ferrous items containing a sizeable proportion of other materials
Non-ferrous metal Primarily non-ferrous Items made primarily of non-ferrous metal
Glass Recyclable Bottles and jars
Multi-material/other Other items made primarily of glass, includes pane, TVs, and computer monitors
Textiles Clothing/textile Items made primarily of cloth or textiles
Multi-material/other Items containing some textile and other materials, such as carpets, shoes, backpacks, suitcases
Nappies and sanitary None Sanitary paper, such as nappies, paper towels, feminine hygiene products
Rubble Concrete Concrete only
Other Other materials such as soil, fibreglass, ceramics, rubble, rocks, plasterboard
Timber Unpainted and untreated Unpainted and untreated lengths of timber
Fabricated Fabricated items, such as furniture and multi-material items made primarily of wood
Multi-material/other Sawdust, construction and demolition debris
Rubber None All items made primarily of rubber, such as tyres, latex foam mattresses
Potentially hazardous None Material with potentially toxic or ecotoxic properties, or having properties requiring special disposal techniques