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Appendix S2: Weighbridge Product Names

Weighbridge product name Waste type
Asbestos Special
Charity Institutions – No Charge General
Chemwaste Material Special
D Pit Material Special
Earthlink Recyclables IN Not included
Earthlink Recyclables OUT Not included
General refuse General
GNB lead slag special Special
GNB Lime Sludge Special
Hard Paint & Ink etc Special
Medical Waste – Nuplex Special
Milliscreen Special
Recyclables – Out Not included
Refuse Collections from Lower Hutt Kerbside collection
Refuse Collections from Upper Hutt Kerbside collection
Sawdust – No Charge Cover material
Special Burial – Animals Special
Special Waste Special
Wallaceville waste Special
WRC Sludge from Te Marua Treatment Plant Special

Note: The table includes only those product names that are disposed of directly to the landfill. It does not include product names relating to vehicles using the facilities at the transfer station.