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Appendix G2: Weighbridge Product Names

Weighbridge product name Waste type
Clean (dry) General
Clean (wet) or slip material General
Cover – free (general) Cover
Demolition General
Domestic cleanfill – transfer station Cover
Domestic solid waste – transfer trailer Transfer station
General solid waste General
Litter col DCC contract General
Recycle General
Refuse col DCC contract – Envirowaste Kerbside collection
Sewage sludge and biosolids Special
Veg – to shredder General
AP65 (roading metal) Not included
Asbestos Special
Middlemarch landfill waste SW Transfer station
Sumps – mud tank, road sump, galley trap, intercept Special
Waste Management weekend rate and before 9.00 am week General
Woolscour/tannery/fellmongery Special



1) The table includes only those product names that are disposed of directly to the landfill. It does not include product names relating to vehicles using the facilities at the transfer pit.

2) Foundry sand, which has been classified at the weighbridge as both ‘clean (dry)’ and ‘*cover – free (general)’ has been deducted from those categories and classified as a special waste.

3) ‘Veg to shredder’ material was disposed of at the disposal face, and was not shredded and composted.

4) Not included as kerbside collection is material classed under that product name but derived from the recycling processing facility. That waste is classified as general waste.