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Proposed priority products and priority product stewardship scheme guidelines: Summary of submissions

Publication date:  July 2020
Publication reference number:  ME 1505

This document summarises the submissions received during consultation on proposed priority products and priority product stewardship scheme guidelines. This public consultation was held between 9 August and 4 October 2019.

The six proposed products are tyres, electrical and electronic products, agrichemicals and their containers, refrigerants and other synthetic greenhouse gases, farm plastics, and packaging.

Declaring a product a ‘priority product’ under the Waste Minimisation Act 2008 means that a product stewardship scheme, consistent with priority product stewardship scheme guidelines, must be developed and accredited as soon as practicable and the scheme must be accredited. It also means regulations may be put in place to prohibit sale of a priority product except in accordance with an accredited product stewardship scheme for that product.

This is part of a two-stage process. Stage one was this consultation and the decisions that result from it. Stage two is co-design of priority product stewardship schemes with stakeholders, application for accreditation, and consultation on any Waste Minimisation Act regulations proposed by the co-design group to support effective scheme implementation. Stage two will take place during 2020-21.