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A proposed National Environmental Standard for the outdoor storage of tyres - 2020 consultation

Publication date:  February 2020
Publication reference number:  ME 1485

The Government is seeking submissions on a proposed National Environmental Standard for the Outdoor Storage of Tyres (NES). The consultation document sets out options for the proposed NES. This consultation may be of particular interest to local government, businesses involving tyre storage, and farmers.

The proposed NES is one of the main tools to respond to the risks associated with tyres stored outdoors and to provide the clarity needed about regulation of such tyres under the Resource Management Act 1991. The main risks are fire (causing toxic smoke and run-off) and leachates. The proposed NES would provide a consistent regulatory approach for local authorities on how tyres stored outside should be managed.

A public consultation round was held on this proposal in 2017 and due to significant changes it is necessary to hold a second round. The new proposal seeks feedback on two options for volume thresholds for resource consent, and a new permitted activity rule with requirements. We also propose making the NES the responsibility of regional councils, rather than district councils as was originally proposed. 

The consultation closed on 8 April 2020.